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... I myself am not an angry person. Even when certain events lead me to feeling rightfully angry I don't stay mad long. I don't like to be mad at people and I don't like people being mad at me. ... (0 replies)
... First, Im not great at talking about myself. Thats a pride thing and its wrong of me to have. ... (12 replies)
... Hi all and thanks all im shocked at my replys i thought id be waiting for weeks for even one... ... (35 replies)

... I feel angry most of the time, i have been through a very hard childhood, and my adulthood hasnt been much look either! Im 31 yrs old and had my daughter when i was 19, she is beautiful and well behaved although she is coming into her teens she is a good girl. ... (35 replies)
... yeah... Im too angry most of the time. Being stuck up in this office 11 hours a day doesnt help but I dont know why Im so angry. I have a car a girlfriend a good paying and easy job and a bunch of friends, all a happy teenager could want. Yet for some reason Im always angry. ... (2 replies)
Sep 27, 2011
... Hello all, My name is james jackson, im 20 years old and I admit to having an anger problem. ... (1 replies)
... I see people do this all the time. They get angry and offended at other people, but they say nothing or act as if it's "not a big deal. ... (2 replies)
... ould block out and forget but I have grown alot out here and it has changed my perspective on life in a positive way. I want to enjoy it now. That is good advice im going to start one and that and see if it helps. I guess I have been relying on telling others and expecting them to understand. ... (23 replies)
Anger and Abuse
Jan 1, 2006
... uilty or ashamed and then one tear from my mother and Ill be hitting myself and beating myself. Pathetic, I just suggest you stop the whole hitting people thing. Im trying. Im seeing therapy without my parents really knowing about it. ... (8 replies)
... It's hard to say if all this is caused by anger Im an 18 y.o. ... (2 replies)
... im not sure what can help with the anger part, in the way of meds that is, tho i do know there are some. My brother tends to be angry ALL the time, till he was evaluated by a therapist and another doctor. ... (4 replies)
May 22, 2004
... an recently people have started mouthin at me an wantin fights wiv me for no reason. im not a very fightty person but today i asked for a veggie sausage roll coz im vegetarian an she gave me a meat 1 i didnt realise it was meat until i had already eaten some an she had given my m8 the veggie 1. ... (1 replies)
... uy at work as hes always chuntering under his breath and moaning about everyone elses work when i dont think he does much himself so that makes me mad even more, im close to busting his face in but dont as i dont wanna lose my job... ... (4 replies)
... Finding where your anger comes from sometimes is hard. It could be something very broad in nature or very specific. Don't let the angry rule you, let yourself control the anger. MY anger came from I was always the one that had to protect the things or ones I loved. ... (5 replies)
... pretty often. Atleast evertime we go out and then some. And the girls I say look at him are, cuz they stare sometimes. He always doesnt notice, but I do. And im not just making it up. Sometimes I wish I didnt notice too. It just really angers me that girls are so rude like that. ... (4 replies)
... would freak on me too im sure because i am guilty of the same things as your last woman. ... (6 replies)
... Hey, i feel this way too. Im not married but i live with my boyfriend, and im a recovering addict. Ive been really pissed off at the world latley and i dont know how to help myself either. ... (7 replies)
Is it Possible?
Mar 11, 2008
... not just driving when I get angry its like even when someone is talking to me it seems like they have an attitude with me and I just get so frustrated that I get angry and it turns into an all out wrath. My sister yelled at me the other day saying I had "MENTAL PROBLEMS"..I have become violent during these times of wrath. ... (2 replies)
I feel insane
Feb 4, 2003
... I always used to be an angry person, then all of a sudden the panic, anxiety and depression struck and i no longer felt i had the right to be angry. ... (9 replies)
... t angry at me, but THAT really pissed me off. Then he insisted that I go in the other room while he fixed it, which was really odd to me. ... (2 replies)

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