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takes anger out on me all the time (559)
taking anger out on animals (13)
taking anger out on gf (14)
taking anger out on girlfriend (91)
taking anger out on the wrong people (233)
taking sudafed every day (52)
taking things the wrong way (3607)
talking to people with anger issues (180)
tbs (370)
teen daughter with dog (29)
teenager angry school (69)
tell if someone has anger problems (271)
tell me what to do with an angry husband (736)
temper after a heart attack (16)
temper control boyfriend (40)
temper from head injury (11)
temper issues (418)
temper problem husband (172)
temper problems names (29)
temper problems with husband (147)
ten year old+rage (11)
the 12 steps of anger (30)
the best way to calm a 4 year old (188)
the best way to calm a 4 year old (188)
the boyfriend is always right (4068)
the chocolate anger (88)
the chocolate anger (88)
the diagnosis for a person who is always angry (59)
the feeling of being ignored (554)
the hurt of being ignored (301)
the man with anger issues (268)
the medication for anger (870)
the need of stopping anger (80)
the steps of anger (239)
things that anger boyfriends (59)
things to control anger outbursts (72)
things to do to not express anger on your b/f (150)
things to help anger (3264)
this is the first time i remember being angry (493)
three year old anger (167)
three year old anger issues (45)
three year old angry a lot (101)
three year old not listening, angry (28)
three year old with anger and frustration (11)
three year old with severe behavior problems (12)
throwing or breaking things (81)
throwing stuff out of anger (60)
throwing things in anger (211)
throwing things to get rid of anger (10)
thyroid explode (96)
time with my kids (36332)
tips for a angry friend (20)
tips on controlling kids (10)
tips to keep from getting angry (11)
tired aggitated (79)
tired of anger (1149)
tired of husband (8705)
tired of my old husband (2164)
tired stressed angry (153)
tired, angry, no energy, depressed (46)
tired, angry, up and down (711)
too much copper in the body (119)
totally isolated at work (122)
totally isolated at work (122)
trauma and anger (185)
trauma and anger and the brain (36)
treating 3 year old anger (41)
treatment for uncontrollable anger (12)
trigger of my anger (221)
trying to anger someone while drunk (21)
two and a half year old with anger issues (16)
two year old and angry (653)
two year old with anger problems (98)

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