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... Well, she just lost control of herself, and started taking pictures and mirrors off the walls in the hallway and throwing them and smashing them. ... (5 replies)
... It a very serious form of PMS. I was diagnosed a little over a month ago and prescribed medication to help control it. ... (19 replies)
... I have problems with rage myself, but they aren't as sudden and violent as yours. I control my rage by seeing therapists, healers, avoiding really toxic people and situations, and by controlling my diet. ... (6 replies)

... I'm not a professional but it seems like you have several issues to deal with. It's very possible that your medication is causing your extreme emotions and limiting your ability to control them. Your first step should be to get that fixed. ... (1 replies)
... Hi Tres, I wanted to also tell you that it might help your doctor in diagnosing you if you keep a journal of the rages. Be specific, are they everyday, once a week, once a month. With all the diagnosis out there, it might help make the right one for you. It could even be symptoms of PMS, they can be right before (a week even) before you menstruate or both, right before and... (5 replies)
Is it Possible?
Mar 11, 2008
... Ok..I am an 18 year old female. And for the past couple years I have noticed that my anger has become more frequent and to say the least, its pretty uncontrolable. I seem to take it out on my family more often then not. ... (2 replies)
Please help me
Jun 11, 2006
... I am a 45 age female soon to be 46 and I've suffered from having anger problems for half my life. ... (4 replies)
My story
Apr 17, 2006
... You're very mature to admit at such a young age you have an anger problem. It took me getting into my 40's to admit it. ... (5 replies)
My wife moved out!
Nov 18, 2008
... Your wife must have been pretty frightened. I would have gone too. As upsetting it is for you to feel out of control at times, those around you are more afraid. I would hope that you would see a doctor for your anger. He might refer you to a mental health specialist. ... (7 replies)
... boyfriend had terrible anger issues. They didn't rear their ugly heads until we had been together for 3 months. I used to call him Robert Road Rage. ... (14 replies)
... yes, there are perfectly good reasons to get angry at times too, and there are times you need to act out on that anger, but there is also a correct way to handle anger in a mature adult way. Im no goody two shoes, trust me, i can argue right up there with the best, just that the battles i DO choose are different and worthwhile. ... (2 replies)
... It seems the doctors are preoccupied with giving her a label just to get rid of us. The medication they've provided my wife doesn't help her anger issues at all. It's as if she has never learnt how to express her emotions, she can't show love and she can't control her temper. ... (1 replies)
... ly related to anger. I have a friend and we BOTH experience that. Its not to as great a degree and it ebbs and flows based upon my success in managing my other anger related problems. ... (4 replies)
Nov 2, 2006
... doctor and went back with me. He told the doctor everything...lots of things I didn't see. I was diagnosed as bipolar and got the right treatment and now I have control over my anger. Sometimes a person can't see or can't admit a problem. I couldn't. Perhaps you could do what my hubby did for me. ... (1 replies)
... screaming, and actually lead to an anxiety attack. What caused it for me was usually stress and insecurity. I took hormonal birth control which messed my mood up. I also had a lot of unresolved isssues from my past. I went to counseling and cleared that all up. ... (3 replies)
... I am 19 and have always had a bit more anger than most people but its never really been a problem apart from with my parents when I was younger. ... (0 replies)
When I'm Angry
Jun 9, 2009
... When I get angry (at myself), I tend to physically hurt my body. Yesterday, I used a stapler and punctured a vein in my arm. Blood spurt out, but I was able to stop the bleeding and now it's OK... My girlfriend wasn't too happy about that. And, I need to stop before I go harder on myself. I have a huge urge to cause pain when I'm angry. I'm not sure why, but it's not... (1 replies)
... i think alot of people who have rage and show it to their loved ones are those who can sometimes control their rage but decide not to. ... (10 replies)

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