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... Anger is a common symptom of depression. Psychotherapy and antidepresent medication are generally effective for the treatment of depression. ... (7 replies)
... I am recovered, without the help of medication, or therapy. However my anger problems made me murderously violent, attempted murders and such, anger towards strangers and loved ones, thus my situation was different, but perhaps what i have learned may help you. ... (12 replies)
Intense Anger
Jan 26, 2014
... or ending up in jail. Many people get it in their head that psychoactive medication is bad, so they never go there and harm themselves or someone else. Medication is not something to do lightly, but it's all a matter of weighing the choices. What if a few pills could have prevented your mother from abusing you? ... (1 replies)

... I am currently involved with someone who is on Klonopine for anger and outbursts. I read quite a bit about the drug before posting this, but it seems that most people are on Klonopine for anxiety. ... (2 replies)
... i used to swallow my anger and frustration which led to depression, anxiety, panic and all that...NOT a good thing!! ... (5 replies)
... Secondly, I have been through many anger problems. ... (2 replies)
... First I want to say, good for you for acknowledging that you have an anger problem. ... (2 replies)
... ted but he said things will be better as soon as hes better mentally. My problem is that i dont have any patience but i really want to learn ways to cope with my anger so i dont ever hurt his feelings or do anythings stupid. ... (1 replies)
... Hi windy, i am so sorry to hear about your situation. Anger can cause a lot of strain and problems in reltaionships. ... (10 replies)
... Counselling, medication or have you tried what ciqala has been doing. ... (12 replies)
Is anger genetic?
Jan 13, 2012
... one is the exact same way, the other isn't at all. It makes me wonder why two of us seemingly caught the anger illness and the other didn't. ... (3 replies)
... Hello, I am 36yrs old, female. I am looking for support and help because I have anger issues. ... (0 replies)
... I am a male, 63 yrs old. I do have anger issues with people. Due to anger issues I have lost all of my family, friends. I have 1 roommate that puts up with me. I have called him a 3rd world person and other demeaning words. ... (0 replies)
Anger problems
Jul 1, 2011
... s or true stories of how others have been positive in their lives. We all have choices and the one thing you need being so young is to talk to someone about your anger issues and why little things are bothering you. It could be hormones, feeling entitled to things, parent struggles, or a variety of things. ... (6 replies)
... f just taking it 2 weeks a month, I took it daily because I thought it would work better if it had a steady level in my body. It worked really well to muffle my anger spells. They still happened, but at a more controllable level and not nearly so wild. ... (19 replies)
... I realize u are looking for help or some idea's with what you are going through.. 1. go for a walk, ride a bike, and if you feel cruddy and it is 2am.. (and it isn't considered dangerous, go for that walk.. a close friend told me to do this when too much, umm, when I thought about things and it depressed me into a crying fit.. and other assorted stuff.. ) it doesn't... (32 replies)
... nged my life but I grew from the experience. It helped me learn not to give up in struggles. To overcome what is overwhelming and impossible. but also gave me my anger that seems to go hand in hand with the refusing to give in. ... (23 replies)
Anger Issues
Sep 2, 2004
... Dont ever feel less or bad about seeing a doctor about anything. So many people need to see drs for certain issues. I personally do not suffer from anger issues but I do know many people that do. I know somoene that used to get very angry at little things and would fly off the handle at people. ... (5 replies)
... I'm sure as you know, there is no miracle cure for treating anger, anxiety and depression. It sounds like to me that your symptoms are serious and affecting your life to the point where you probably should seek professional help given that the other things that you tried haven't worked. I myself have issues that my doctor has put me on medication for and really been a... (2 replies)
... gritty of the anger ... ? ... (11 replies)

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