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... for over 25 years. B was always extremely emotional around the time of her menstrual cycle, and over the years, the anger component of those emotions grew and grew until about one year ago, I sadly resigned myself to the fact that I could no longer live with the love of my life. ... (19 replies)
... I just wanted to comment on your first thread by saying that PMS can play a big part in someone's relationship. I know it did in my case. I've also had anger issues since childhood, but mainly just temperamental or moodiness. ... (19 replies)
... given I live with noisy neighbors in my apt. bldg and can't fall asleep when I want to... I was just doing some research and am thinking maybe my outbursts and anger are related to my woman's monthly cycle too. ... (4 replies)

... is is VERY atypical of me and I felt terrible afterwards, but all I could do is say sorry because I don't know how to deal with my PMS. When I was younger I had anger issues, and it seems that they prevail during this time. Otherwise, I am fairly even tempered. ... (19 replies)
... Hey girls....I have had terirble PMS my whole life and I mean BAD, esp. the emotional part. ... (19 replies)
... YOU DO SOUND LIKE ME. This is also my first serious relationship and the love of my life. I have been looking PMS up on the internet, and came across a few things that are supposed to ease the experience: working out, diet, vitamins, and for severe cases, medication. I'm going to try and work out three times a week for atleast a half an hour. Also, I plan on getting iron... (19 replies)
... this is so true, you can find people to agree with you on almost everything these days, but doing so wont help you at all with "your" problem. your anger is a syptom like dontlikecold says. you need to find the root of your anger and why you feel this way with almost everyone. ... (5 replies)
... I have a problem with depression and anger too. The anger piece gets much worse with PMS. ... (7 replies)
... f just taking it 2 weeks a month, I took it daily because I thought it would work better if it had a steady level in my body. It worked really well to muffle my anger spells. They still happened, but at a more controllable level and not nearly so wild. ... (19 replies)
... Yep that is it, on the outside, you are a solid rock, looks like u never have any issues and everything is cool... On the inside, that rock is really molten lava.. :wave: (32 replies)
... I can relate to a lot of it. I realize that I have an anger problem myself. The ironic thing is that to most people, I look like a very nice, "together" kind of person. ... (32 replies)
... My PMS is pretty bad. ... (4 replies)
... it! Just realize when you are going to be at your worst. Try not to do anything that will set you off. Know the signals and leave the room and take deep breaths. PMS is not an excuse to be nasty. You know it's mind over matter. ... (19 replies)
... Girls...looking to Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. I "suffered" greatly from PMS and being irrational. My hormones were out of whack. There are great books on this subject at the book stores under woman's health. ... (19 replies)
... Changes are stressful, so writing down can help to get your perspective. When anger gets you, you can try to get a shower, breathe and think the things you like about the person and then talk to him when you are more calmed. ... (7 replies)
... depression thing going on, for years I have not taken anything for it, and just started back a few weeks ago, My anger was out of control. ... (7 replies)
... Wow, this is scary. I've always had a bad temper and mood swings.... I've always had horrible PMS, but I've been getting worse... really hateful. I've also started taking Lexipro... I wonder if that is making it worse for you as well as me? It's not supposed to have any side effects, but now I;m wondering. I agree with LLC15.... you need to talk to your doctor about... (4 replies)
... I agree that there is a big difference between having PMS (being overly emotional, crying a lot, snapping for no reason) and having PMDD. PMDD is like having a multiple personality disorder and there's no such thing as "it's just mind over matter" because you are not in control at all. And that second personality is unpredictable, wild and dangerous to others. I'm glad... (19 replies)
... Has anyone heard of women considered insane during pms? I swear this is me, one minute I am mad the next I am crying my emotions are all over, how can I control this? (19 replies)
... All the symptons you guys (gals) are describing is known as PMDD (Pre Menstrual Dysphoric Disorder). It a very serious form of PMS. I was diagnosed a little over a month ago and prescribed medication to help control it. I strongly urge any woman who feels out of control; like a completely different person the two weeks before her period to seek help from her doctor. I was... (19 replies)

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