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... Hi, i got a major problem with my temper. I'm short fused and it's bad. How do i control my temper. Sometimes i get so hyped up that i smash my fist into doors or walls. I prefer hiting objects cause i don't want to hurt anyone. Sometimes it's like i go blank, all i feel is fumes rushing to my head. :mad: I even think i have outer body experience, watching myself go mad and i... (3 replies)
... and feel good. I find that my temper is pretty much the same with or without the meds. ... (2 replies)
Anger Issues
Sep 1, 2004
... Lie To Me So I Usually Get Really Mad And Angry And Have Lost Friends And Relationships That Way. I Either Just Totally Don't Bother With Them Or I Just Lose My Temper And Wind Up Saying Things To Them That I Regret Later. ... (5 replies)

... against a wall to shut it up, you control yourself. Those people who DO those things NEED HELP. PROFESSIONAL HELP, and im sure people still say other than their temper they were great people. Theres nothing you can do to help him , and being nicer around him or walking on eggshells just aint gonna cut it. ... (7 replies)
... when arguing with my wife the other night i lost my temper and slapped her, i know it wrong to hit a woman but i could feel my self getting to the point of "no return" but i couldn't stop my self and lashed out at her. ... (0 replies)
... speak to someone who has experience in dealing with problems such as yours. I'm sure you may feel more comfortable talking to someone your own age, but with the issues you suffer from you should seek professional help. It's really not so bad. I went through it with my 6 year old grandson that I'm raising. ... (11 replies)
Anger Issues
Aug 30, 2004
... Hi I Guess You Can Say I Have Anger Issues Well I Have Controlled It The Last Couple Of Years. I Used To Really Get Angry Over Anything. ... (5 replies)
Anger Issues
Jan 7, 2010
... whatever I'm doing i just snap. My boyfriend gets the worst of it as i have a go at him over anything and everything. My dad and I have never had a stable relationship since he left home when i was four. I try and chill out and not be so frustrated all the time I'm also on microgynon 30 - contraceptive pill. I Haven't had the best of starts in life. I've been kicked... (2 replies)
... I was 23 when we divorced after he had lost his temper for the last time! I was kicked and punched for 2 hours before getting away from him, spent a week in hospital, I carn't remember. ... (3 replies)
... Hi Mickey, do you feel like you don't get your needs met, get pushed around etc.? (3 replies)
... Hello Mickey, If you don't want to risk losing your loved ones or them losing you(i doubt that you want to be alone) there must be a change in the way you are currently doing things. Seeking help may prove to be the best move but in the mean time and in between time, feel free to post here; it can provide a therapeutic quality. Sometimes getting things off your chest... (3 replies)
... You need more help than can be offered here.....please go to a Doctor. Lil (3 replies)
... g to do and work on yourself at the same time. You need to stop...just stop and step back and work on yourself. You owe it to your son to learn to control your temper and your emotions. Stop trying to put your marriage back together for the moment and stop going to school and stop trying to start a career. ... (2 replies)
... el that hubby and I are doing a good job with the kids. I just have to laugh, I can hear the questions now..."theres nothing wrong' ....but they havent seen the temper flare up like I have! ... (6 replies)
... lways on my mind. we have all banded together and talked to the boss. he says it's personality conflicts and he is right. no one likes her. she does have lots of issues and i believe is very insecure. i had my first laugh when i read your post. ... (9 replies)
... It sounds as though you already know what the problem're not happy and it doesn't sound as though you like yourself very much. Until you can begin to like the guy inside you, it's going to be pretty tough to like anybody else or show any outward emotion but anger. I have been there and sometimes still struggle with myself and find myself being my own worst... (9 replies)
... i am 20 and he is 22. we have been together 2.5 years. i have asked myself wether i want to live like that the rest of my life before. and no i dont want to hear yelling all the time but i cant imagine not being with him because under that he is a really great guy. (7 replies)
... ed at the stupidist things. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to live without him. We have two boys and they are also affected by his yelling and quick to temper outbursts. Feel like we are always 'walking on eggshells. ... (7 replies)
... never come close to behavior like this. I would be very concerned about the fact that he so easily inflicts pain on people. When I think of the "terrible twos" temper tantrums I think of screaming, stomping feet, rolling on the floor crying. NOT hurting others to the point they need stitches. ... (14 replies)
Please advise!
Feb 18, 2011
... He has a temper problem.. he also knows that.. however, in the past there were mistakes from my sides too.. I have spent a lot of time on working on my temper and behavior.. because I have seen him suffering and losing control because of me..I was afraid that I might lose him as well as will lose myself one day... ... (1 replies)

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