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... I will give the most recent example of my outbursts of uncontrollable anger that just happened a few minutes ago. ... (0 replies)
... hough, as I may just be beginning a new relationship. I guess this is where I will be able to "test" how effective the stress reductions really are because these outbursts usually seem to occur with significant others...maybe just because I spend more time with them than others? ... (8 replies)
... Why do you feel like you are going to be abandoned? Myself I would surrender to her, and make love not war. Surrender your fear of being left or jilted to her, the object of your emotions, I think. Simply throw yourself into her arms when you get a mad-on, and I believe they will eventually subside. Surrender. Right on, soberseeker. Chop down these trees of explosive... (8 replies)

... Does anyone have any methods of coping or preventing these violent surges of anger that we speak of frequently here? I am the same as many others...I feel vaguely irritated and tense for a while, not sure why but I feel dettached and cold and distant with my partner who I usually feel extemely close and affection with...then something will happen (which is really nothing,... (8 replies)
... I have a five year daughter whom we adopted. I know her mother quite well and I know she has had very uncontrollable anger fits if things do not go her way. I am afraid that I am seeing this in our daughter. ... (1 replies)
... Thanks for that, Sannah!! I don't even feel I've done any work, which is good...I just feel I "turned a corner" a while ago and it's just...even though I'm still stressed at times and bad things happen, as they do to anybody, I feel more relaxed and calm and sort of like...before, at times I couldn't help feeling I was somehow against my partner or she was against me...I... (8 replies)
... Stevie, I am so happy to hear this. You spent a lot of time examining yourself here. You did good work and I feel this is why your life is better now! (8 replies)
... This is me again. Just updating that I have felt different lately somehow...more calm and positive regardless of life events or stresses...I haven't had one of my "episodes" for many months now...good. *relieved* (8 replies)
... It sounds like you have bipolar disorder look up symthoms (8 replies)
... Hi, I have had this temper problem also, still dealing with it but it is getting better. I took a look at the medications I was taking-- sudafed almost every day, which I thought I needed BUT once I stopped taking it, did ok without (sinuses.) the outcome was, I stopped being as short-fused. Immense improvement. I had not noticed how anxious and angry Sudafed made me. ... (8 replies)
... I, coming from the point of your bf in terms of anger, agree with you that he CAN try harder. It is NOT uncontrollable and he CAN help it. ... (5 replies)
... stevie_23, the same thing happened to me. With me there's one subject that makes me get so manac. What you have to do when you get these anger attacks. You have to sedate your brain. When you build up all this anger on whatever is bothering you. Thats what leads to all this anger. It can take over your life and literally your out of control. There were times I felt i... (8 replies)

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