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Angry for too long
Apr 16, 2015
... WOW I can relate a lot! I have been angry all my life and I am not sure why I also feel old at 46 and the same feeling with interviews etc.... ... (1 replies)
... I mean specifically said "I am angry because you have broken my world apart and that really scares me!". ... (2 replies)
... It took me over 20 years to get my anger under control. But I did it. I DID NOT give up on myself. I relapsed a "few" times! I was tired of being so pissed off all the time. I WANTED to be happy. Since I've shaken the "anger bug" I am so unbelievably happy. ... (7 replies)

... Wow i can't believe how controlling some bosses are. I really can't imagine how you drawing on a piece of paper is interfering with your ability to work. ... (4 replies)
... pretty much everything i say is sarcastic and in a defensive tone.Also i have insomnia is really bad lately because my stress has been very bad.I stay up for 2 to 4 days straight and sleep for 12 hrs then do it again. ... (1 replies)
... group that drove me up a brick wall. Pure hatred spewed from one leader and it was hard for me to get along with him. It was unbareable to be near him at times. I wonder WHY people like you HATE and make other peoples lives miserable. Let me tell you what it feels like to be hated by somebody. ... (9 replies)
Angry at an ex
Nov 19, 2005
... I can see things from a different perspective as I am a stepmum to my husbands 4 year old son. I read on one of the posts about one of the mums who enjoyed seeing her son turn away from his father and reach out to her when his father came to pick him up. ... (29 replies)
... Also, you should try to be a source of happiness and support for him. I don't want to suggest that you haven't tried this already, but ask him why he's so frustrated and if you could help. Let him know that you care and that his actions make you worried or scared. ... (1 replies)
WHy am I angry?
Jun 28, 2004
... Yeah I know what you mean. I dated the guy of my dreams for about 5 years but it was such a bitter sweet time. ... (22 replies)
WHy am I angry?
Mar 15, 2004
... Sounds like you are mad all the time because you are bearing most of the responsibility in the family (breakfast, put them on the bus, go to work, cook dinner, do homework..etc). That's a lot to bear when you work outside the home. Maybe hubby has to take up more to relieve some of your burden in the household. I find that I'm angry all the time because my significant other... (22 replies)
... Hello first of all. I have always been an easy going happy person. I am 44 and have 2 children who depend upon me. I have a huge problem that I cannot seem to get over. It is with my only sibling who is 8 yrs older than me. She moved away from us when I was 8. ... (14 replies)
... I know this is long overdue, but I found this site searching via google and I feel that the original question relates to something I am dealing with currently. ... (10 replies)
... Hi sannah, lol i take it were alone here? ... (35 replies)
... I don't know if my situation relates to this board but here it goes. I suffer from anxiety and OCD. ... (4 replies)
... even bother. You would never understand. And offering help by saying "you should seek professional help" might not be the advice people are looking for either. I know first hand from anger, rage and being ultimately pissed off at everything and everyone around me. ... (24 replies)
... I think you just don't love him that is why he irritates you so much. May be you will be better of appart. ... (15 replies)
... oyfriend and just had a baby He has a 12 yr old little girl with his ex wife Although She has never seen her Mommy and daddy together she still hopes and Wishes, I mean what Kid doesnt want there Mommy and Daddy together. For an example he bought his daughter fireworks like 80. ... (25 replies)
... OK, I would love to hear from people if they have this same problem. ... (32 replies)
Angry Husband!
Jun 1, 2004
... I sound just like your husband. I treat my fiance like crap...Anything I can do to belittle her...She is too fat, her accent bugs me, her hair is not right, she don't fix herself up, we never have sex... ... (20 replies)
... I seem to be stuck in a pattern where I constantly lash out at women I am dating. I'll start with my most recent relationship, which ended today. ... (6 replies)

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