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Hi, I've been having a variety of worrying symptoms and was wondering if anyone could help.

For a little background...

I'm 29 years old, 6 ft, 170 pounds. No health problems other than these...

About 10 years ago I had a few unexpected anxiety attacks. Around that time my heart would skip a beat a few times a day and I felt dizzy upon exertion. I had a EKG and stress test and the doctors told me not to worry about it. I went on Paxil for the anxiety and the medicine helped and I stopped having attacks and dizziness. The palpitations still randomly happened, but they weren't bad and I learned to ignore them.

About 9 month ago I stopped taking the Paxil because it made me feel like a zombie and had a lot of side effects that were adversely affecting my life. Stopping the medicine after 10 years went surprisingly well (no brain zaps, etc) and I haven't had any anxiety attacks since.

7 months ago I had a couple seizures that the doctor thinks were caused by heavy drinking. He's unsure though. I'm taking medicine (Trileptal) and haven't had any seizure activity since. I don't drink much anymore fyi.

About 5 or 6 months ago I started noticing worrying symptoms and I'm unsure about them. I was hoping someone could help because my doctors (cardiologist, neurologist, ENT, endocrinologist) can't seem to figure it out. Please bear with me.

- First I noticed the left side of my face felt bloated and slightly numb. When I look in the mirror there is definitely an imbalance. My left nostril looks droopy and my cheek is bloated and more rounded than the right side. I can feel the imbalance and it gets worse when I smoke. I had multiple MRIs and the neurologist can't figure it out. Neither can the ENT. I noticed in a picture of me from 3 years ago that that I had the same imbalance but it wasn't nearly as bad. It seems like it's slowly getting worse. Recently, I've been starting to feel it near my eye too. As of the last few months I can constantly feel the bloated (almost numb) feeling. On top of this my left ear feels "full"...almost like I need to pop my ear but can't.

- Heart palpitations and chest pains. The skipped beats are much more frequent than in the past and as of about 2 weeks ago, the actual rhythm of my heart is off. It speeds up and slows down very frequently. It'll beat "normally" for a few beats, then fast for a couple, then back down. This is constant. Sometimes my heart rate feels oddly low (around 60 bpm which has never happened to me). Also, I can almost constantly feel the "flutter" feeling in the base of my neck. When I exert myself it's much worse. Even laughing hard or bending over makes it bad. Recently I've randomly had shortness of breath too.

- The left side of my body feels imbalanced. Other than the problem with the left side of my face, my left side feels droopier or weaker than the right. My left shoulder feels weaker and lower than the right and same with my left leg. When I walk it almost feels like my legs are two different lengths.

- Blood pressure has risen drastically over the last few months. On Dec 2 it was 106/72, on Feb 25 it was 129/76, and on March 24 it was 140/86.

- Weight fluctuates. I gained 12 pounds in a matter of days (I was eating a lot) but was able to lose most of it. I havenít noticed swelling but my abs are slightly tender.

- I have a hard time tolerating heat and have very uncomfortable hot flashes that make sleeping impossible. My feet and hands can be uncomfortably cold but my body has these rushes of heat and my head sweats a bit. I have turn the AC to 60 degrees to help this problem.

- Hands and feet fall asleep very easily, especially at night. I wake up around 10 times a night with a numb hand. It doesn't feel like a normal hand that fell asleep because I can shake it and it comes back to normal in like 5/10 seconds. There's no "pins and needles" feeling at all, which i find odd.

- Time seems to be going very fast. Everything seems to be twice as fast. I can be watching TV and it'll feel like an hour has passed and in reality it's been 2 or 3. This is both short and long term in terms of time.

- Memory problems. This might be a symptom of the Trileptal but I have a hard time thinking of words I want to use, short and long term memory is horrible, and I just feel much dumber.

- My night vision is noticeably worse. I can't see in the dark like I used to and my eyes don't adjust.

- Frequent urination.

- Frequent taste of blood. I can taste blood in the back of my mouth a lot. Also, I don't have nose bleeds but sometimes when I pick my nose theres blood on my finger. This isn't from a cut or my fingernail.

Thanks so much for any help. It's definitely possible that some of these symptoms are anxiety and side effects from the Trileptal, but I don't see how they all could be. I've been to the doctors listed above (and am still getting tests) but they haven't really found anything. I've been practically dysfunctional for a few months now so I'm trying to be proactive with figuring this out.

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