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I understand, taking anxiety meds can be worrisome and some people are afraid of dependency. I go through different times in the year, usually every time the seasons change or if something stressful is going on, I take something to help me sleep some of those times. I have taken klonopin to help me sleep and probably will again. I also take it during the day when needed. I would suggest if you haven't really taken many anxiety meds, maybe start with the Ativan and if that doesn't work than move up to the next effective med which could be klonopin. There are times when klonopin just isn't cutting it for me and I have to take a stronger med (not anxiety med though). So to answer your question yes I have taken klonopin to help me sleep AND have been able to get to a point where I don't need anything for sleep. But everyone is different but I will tell you it is possible to not have to rely on the anxiety med to sleep.

Good luck! Hope you get some restful sleep, I'm actually hoping for the same here!

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