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Sleep and anxiety
Apr 4, 2015
Hello everyone! I have come here to get some words of wisdom/advice/good vibes. Before I go into what's going on now, I am going to say a little bit about my past experience to help gain some insight.
In 2011, I was diagnosed with pseudo tumor cerebri, pretty much excess pressure on my brain. I started having sleep issues which led to anxiety over sleep and what was going on with me. I ended up finding out what was wrong and my sleep problems and anxiety persisted and then it eventually went away. All was good. I did not take any anxiety medication or sleeping medication.
So everything was good for a good bit, and in 2013 I ended up having some sleeping problems again and eventually the anxiety. I was also going pee a lot. Eventually, everything went back to normal but my sleep problem really suffered. I was so exhausted and my anxiety was high. I ended up going to my neurologist because I thought I was going through another pseudo tumor issue again. He ended up giving me lorazapam for my anxiety and to sleep. I took the lorazapam for about 5 days and once my sleep started to get better, I had less worry about it and I fell into a natural routine and it was normal.
Since then I have had problems every now and then with sleep. No anxiety though because I would eventually sleep, or take a lorazepam pill here and there. For the most part I've been good and I sleep like a baby.
Last month though I started having some sleep difficulties again, I began to worry because I just didn't want what happened in the past to happen again. I hate having sleep problems, but I bring it upon myself. Anyways, because of this worry of my sleep, I began to sleep less for a bit. I would sometimes get two hours of sleep here and there throughout the night. I went to the dr. and he gave me atarax for anxiety and ambien to sleep. I haven't really tried any of it though for a amount of time. I did take ambien for 3 nights a while back, 2 of the nights I slept but woke up once, and 1 night I hardly slept at all. I now have some sleep deprivation and have some anxious/worry feelings. I just want my sleep to go back to normal and to stop feeling so anxious about the day etc. I know with sleep deprivation anxiousness/anxiety can happen. It's like my brain will not relax and it feels like it's shaking when lying down. I'm not really tired throughout the day, but I do yawn. There is a lot of stuff going on right now for me though. School, moving, trying to find a job...I just hate feeling like it's never gonna get better. I know it will but, I seriously need to sleep. The anxiety of oh will I sleep etc keeps me up. I try to relax at night but it doesn't help. I wake up a lot throughout the night. It's annoying. I just don't know what to do :( I think taking the ambien again may help. Any advice??
I'm diagnosed with having an anxiety disorder coupled with occasional depression. I get the lorazepam prescribed as well for sleep. It makes me too lazy to wake up on time in the morning though. I got a bunch of stuff going like college, work, and family. Once or twice a week I can't sleep. I highly recommend exercising. I hate exercising but if I sprint a few blocks and back then warm shower, my body overpowers my overactive mind. Any medication can produce a tolerance within you which stucks nighttime or daytime. I also recommend powernaps. I sleep better during the day for some reason

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