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I'm new to this board, this is my first post. I've done some searching and seen this question but I don't think in the same way. Is it possible to have an anxiety attack (which comes from nowhere) with physical symptoms only, and never feel any anxiety at any time?

4 weeks ago I had an arterial blood gas test in my wrist. A few minutes after the tech pressed on my wrist to stop the bleeding, I became dizzy and faint, and passed out. I spent the eve in the ER, returned home, woke up the next day feeling very ill. I've seen numerous specialists (neurologist, cardiologist, rheumatologist, PCP, etc...) with no diagnosis, but all of them believe I am having anxiety attacks. I've never had nor been diagnosed with this before.

How I feel all of the time: fatigued, dizzy/lightheaded, nauseous, muscle twitches and pain across body. Some days very minor, some days severe.

However, sometimes I have these "attacks" without warning. I will be reading a book, watching TV, relaxing and talking with my husband, when Boom! I get pain in my chest, a wave of tingling/numbness across body, tightness in chest, ringing in ears, upset stomach, muscle twitches, pinpricks of pain across body, etc. All of my physical symptoms match the symptoms of an anxiety attack. *However*, I feel absolutely no anxiety or panic at any time. Not before the attack, not during the attack.

I realize now that these "attacks" are not new. I had a few of these last spring, which came from nowhere. I went to the ER convinced I was having a heart attack, all tests came back normal. They went away, and have now come back with a vengeance. I always feel worse after I have one of these attacks. I was almost back to normal last week, but after suffering through many this weekend, I feel terrible again.

I'm desperate to find out what is wrong with me. I've not been able to work due to the constant fatigue & dizziness, and the worry of having one of these attacks while in the car. All doctor tests (Lyme, MS, etc) have come back normal except for very bad vitamin D deficiency, which I'm being treated for.

I don't expect anyone here to diagnosis me, but I'm not sure if I should accept this diagnosis of "anxiety attack." It seems to me that I should be feeling some sort of anxiety or panic during the attack, beyond a general feeling of 'Oh S-- not again.' Thank you for any assistance. This has been very scary. -- Autumn

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