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Hi all,

I'll start with that that i am hypochondriac.
4 years ago i was diagnosed with Anxiety Disorder and was taking Seroxat(Paxil family) for about 2 did help me back then.
I was have all kind off weird symptoms:dizzy,weakness,numbness in hands and feet,burning sensation and all that.
After I had back then made all medical checks: EMG,MRI,CT,Blood...all good.
I stopped Seroxat.

About a month+ ago i started feeling dizzy.
Just dizzy spells few hours a day.ofcourse it freaked me out,so head preassure started as well,headaches,blurry vision and etc...

Ofcourse i went into a panic mode and strated thinking about brain tumors.
Was loosing myself really,crying,depressed all the time.
Luckilly i have work to get me busy during the day and a wonderfull wife who supports and loves me.

I went to a Neurologist (actully a private one because i didn't want to wait long).
He cheked me up,my previous history of anxiety and said
"I can see that you're Nervous system is working X3 more than usuall and you're very stressed but it's only that,you have nothing wrong else beside anxiety"...
He said it's already in a state where he has to take a medical treatment and gave me Alpralid(alprazolam/xanax) 0.5mg twice a day.said in 2 weeks come back to me we'll see how we go on.

I did relaxed me a bit and the meds helped.but there still were dizzy periods here and there,and i probably deep inside didn't believe him completely that i'm fine.
The headaches were gone,it's a good dign no?(tension?)
The preassure was smaller and going off.

Still i was depressed that's it's not going away completely.
Back to him,he cheked me again "It's better,but you're still very anxious and stressed".
Again i started talking him about brain tumor or something serious,he said:
"Hey,you're a healthy man,you system is in total schock,you need to give it more time to the meds".
He promissed me even if he think it's not necessary but if in another 2 weeks time it won't get better he'll give me all the checks i would like:
MRI and stuff...(to reassure myself)
even if he said " I KNOW they will be normal"
He gave me also 1 Seroxat 20mg every other day.
for depression and because it worked for me back then.

Now,the thing is,
first off all i'm starting to feel after almost 3-4 weeks on alprazolam that while it works(6-10h) i'm not dizzy and feeling fine.
except i still have here and there some zaps and shootings in the head,but not severe,and not frequent.

But today i noticed that it has started to work less good on me.
I'm not total dizzy but fell a bit worse than yesterday.
and it took like 2 hours to kick in,ussually it takes 30-40min.
and i wasn't tired as well today as i always do after the pill.

Moreover,i had bad sleeping today,i woke up every hour,was very nervous and i think was having panick attack.
It never happened before.always sleep good with the meds,because i take 1 before bed time.

I need your advice guys,

1.If alprazolam working on me and makes me feel better with dizziness,headaches is it a sign that it's all realated to anxiety??
Or is there still could be something wrong with me?
It's like i'm waiting to go back to him and say give me that MRI.

2.I know that i don't have meny other serious symptoms like nausea,vomiting,severe headaches,new headaches and stuff....
but still dizziness and blurry vision is driving me crazy.

btw,when i put my glasses i see all blurry.
but in regular days i almost never use them.

3.I'm afraid the meds will work less good now and i'll need to up the dosage.
Because between the dosages i'm really a mess.
Always afraid,not quite,depressed....and etc etc...

Thanks in advance.

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