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So, after battling panic attacks and anxiety for the last 4 months, my doctor, my physiologist, and myself all felt I needed something to help me day to day. Taking the ativan when needed helped the panic attacks break, but not from having them.

My wife is pregnant only a half year after we lost our still born daughter at 7 months. All of the worrying about what will happen, has me in a cycle of worry. A lot for them, a lot for my own health which is great, but I keep taking small things and taking them to life ending possibilities. A strained knee was a dvt, a pulled neck causing headaches ..... brain tumor.

So, to the point. They put me on lexapro, but the side effects are killing me. My pharmacist said 2 days at 2.5mg, 4 days at 5mg and then to the 10mg, but I am scared to raise it one ounce.

Oddly, when I took it at night, I had insomnia, but when I take it in the morning I am tired.

[B]When I took the pill during the Night:[/B]

[B]At night:[/B]
Crazy dizziness (enough to walk into a wall)
Night Sweats

[B]During the day:[/B]
Not hungry at all

[B]When I took the pill during the day:[/B]

[B]At night:[/B]
Lucid dreams.
Lower intestines feel sore.

[B]During the day:[/B]
“Outer body experience” where I was watching myself through my own eyes.
Excessive tapping of feet that was hard to stop.
Heart racing when exercising

[B]In the morning:[/B]
Muscles ache like I have been exercising hardcore.
Woken up every night with my eyes “glued” shut.

I don't take many drugs, so these are kicking my butt. So far none of these concern my doctor, but they are concerning me.

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