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[QUOTE=Snoopy61;5396457]What type of Dr. has been prescribing the Xanax? If you are not seeing a Psychiatrist for Xanax that would be my suggestion. Benzodiazepines (Xanax, Valium, Klonopin) are within their specialty. [/QUOTE]

This is (was) my primary care doctor. I have seen a psychiatrist for this medicine in the past, and yes, they were much more liberal with the Xanax. I had to stop seeing the psychiatrist because my insurance no longer covered it. There is no reason a primary care doc should not be able to prescribe this. I don't have anything I need to talk to a psychiatrist about.

A Benzo, for anxiety/panic attacks, does not need to be taken at the max dose on a daily basis. This medication can be taken "as needed." Your Dr. might have a concern that you are continuing to take the full dose for over a year which could "possibly" be a concern for addiction. [/QUOTE]
I think you know that most people who are on benzos take the same dose every day. There is nothing wrong with that and that is how I have been instructed to take them. 1mg twice daily is not the max dose, it is actually pretty low. I have been on a higher dose in the past. If this daily dose helps me then there is no reason I should ever have to skip a day. But let me be clear. The doctor did not ever give this as a reason. I specifically asked him WHY 5 times in a row, the best he could come up with is "it's the nature of the drug" as if it was a schedule 2 prescription.

A doctor cannot deny a refill just because they feel like it, they need a reason, and they need to communicate that reason to the patient. If he really is concerned I am taking too much, then doesn't he need to tell me that?!!! I am not a psychic.

I honestly do not see where medical malpractice comes into play in this situation.[/QUOTE]
Like I said, long story short. There is much more to this. But even if there was not, the definition of malpractice is, did your doctor act in a way that another reasonable doctor would not in the same situation? The answer to this question for me is [B]YES[/B]. Money comes into play when I have to miss work because my ignorant doctor would not give me the prescriptions I require, and cannot furnish [B]any[/B] reason for this. You could also consider the days I had to go without my prescription "pain and suffering".

Additionally, his staff accused me of abusing my prescription without any evidence what so ever to think so. This is defamation. It is not acceptable for a doctor to treat a patient this way and I need to make myself heard before he does it to somebody else.

And yes, I will be filing complaints against him with the office where he works and the state.

But I'm still wondering about the original question. If somebody is on a regular daily dose of alprazolam, and given a 30 day supply, at what day is it appropriate to ask the doctor for a refill? Day 25? Day 27? Day 30? Day 35?

In my opinion, it is irresponsible for a person to wait until their last pill is gone before they get more. This is not being prepared for life. Am I wrong? I also keep more than a day's food and water in my house, that's just common sense.

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