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Hi Lidya,

Did you receive any tests? EKG? Blood sugar? Blood Pressure?

Your symptoms are extremely common for someone with anxiety. However, I think a component of anxiety (Especially health and generalized anxiety) is that doubting voice that says "what if..." and especially "It has to be something else..." despite multiple reassurances that it is a bodily response to stress and nothing more.

I COMPLETELY empathize with those feelings of disbelief, of thinking there must be something the doctor is missing. And truth be told, I have not completely mastered this myself. Here are some of the symptoms I have experienced:

-The feeling that my heart is stopping for a moment or skipping a beat: It almost feels like my heart stops for a moment, I cant breathe, and then I get a huge (bud-ump) of a heartbeat. I have had 3 EKGs and they have found nothing. But the symptom feels so real its hard to believe that it is benign.
-Heaviness or fullness in head
-Inability to take a deep breath
-Weakness and shakiness

The other component of my experience is not feeling consciously "anxious" during some of these symptoms. However, it is very common for those with an anxious temperament to have symptoms of anxiety and depression without the tell-tale signs of the two, such as racing thoughts and sadness. In fact, most people who receive a diagnosis of these two in general medical settings see their doctors because of the physical symptoms, rather than the reverse.

I feel hypocritical telling you all this because I feel the same way you do constantly, "It has to be x, I cant just be anxiety, there must be something the doctors aren't missing," But as someone who has suffered for most of my early adult life, I can tell you that I go through the "disease of the year" - Some years I think I'm diabetic, some years I'm developing heart disease, one year I was constantly afraid of throwing up, kidney stones, low blood pressure, Colon cancer (which was just hemorroids... lol), hypoglycemia, appendicitis, Anemia, aneurysm, frequent headaches.... that about runs the list. For someone who has not even 30, I have thought I had a lot of illnesses. But I've had a rough life, I'm of a very neurotic temperament, and my family has a history of substance abuse and mood disorders.... so its par for the course.

I hope running through the details of my experience helps you realize that you are not the only one and that more likely than not, you are suffering from some type of anxiety or mood disorder.

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