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[QUOTE=James1955;5397055]My question is why would I feel great for a month on 10 and then have the anxiety came back?[/QUOTE]

That I don't know. It may have only been a "placebo" affect. Usually Lexapro is given at a low dose working up to the prescribed dose (5mg to 10mg to 15 or 20mg). Usually the dosage increase happens about every 5 to 7 days.

It takes approximately 3 weeks before you would start to notice a small change from Lexapro (at full dosage) and 6 weeks for it to be at it's full effect.

For those with anxiety Lexapro is usually prescribed at 20mg. Is the Dr. prescribing Lexapro a Primary Care Physician?

A Psychiatrist is usually a better option when having mental health issues like anxiety. The medications prescribed are their specialty and they better at finding the right medication or combination of medications to best help you.

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