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1) I have had Generalized anx disorder since 1998. I take Clonazepam 1.5mg total daily, whenever I need it. Sometimes more depending on circumstances.
2) Summer, I was driving around and assumed ragweed, which was very bad this year, was giving me breathing problems. But I don't normally suffer with allergies.
3) It continued with me into Winter - when I drive, it is worst. If I am stuck in traffic, it turns into a full blown panic attack as the adrenaline rushes through me and it feels like I have sudden gasps for air.
4) I am wondering if this could be the air filter in my car as both AC blowing on me and a heater blowing on me "seems" to bring it on, tho sometimes, I think a part of my subconscious kicks in just before the end of day, as it starts up in the workplace.
5) I have a fan blowing on me at night for white noise - I sleep fine.
6) I have a private doctor here in Montreal - he said my only option is emerg room for an SSRI as I have tried most and had side effects that were unbearable. He cannot come up with the concoction I need.
7) The last SSRI (I stopped a week ago) was e-citalopram and it helped with gurgling stomach problems (maybe IBS) or excess stomach acid which may or may not have been related to the fact I was not eating as much because of the fear of choking in public places. I had that most of the Summer but am now eating regularly and it seems to have stayed away - as have strong sudden palpitations. I was only on this med for 2 months.
8) After a week, anxiety is still high - tried a Benadryl 10mg last night once I got in from the traffic to see if it had to do with histamines - allergic to something perhaps. I did not notice a change. Nor this morning...

Although I am a bit of a hypochondriac, I need answers - just to know others have these symptoms. I know El Nino has caused an increase in allergies this year, but what else could this be. I had a FULL physical recently and am in otherwise fine health.

I sometimes get dizzy at work when these feelings come on.

Picking up my daughter after a terrible time in traffic calms me right down so there is a definite element of anxiety here...but am not convinced re. it only being anxiety as I get sudden gasps from the heater in my car. I have had pneumonia and bronchitis over the last 5 yrs and used to be a smoker.

I also know I need to let it "wash over me" and use mindfulness - I have had all I can of CBT in the past so will not go back to that route.

I am most relaxed at home - so there is an element of anxiety - and anxiety only spikes if I get a body symptom related to breathing - otherwise I can coast through traffic with no issues!!

Here's a tidbit: when I vacate my bowels, things start to go back to normal.

Please...any feedback would calm my mind...

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