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[FONT="Century Gothic"][/FONT] Clonazepam acted as a life saver when I was 17 years old. This together with different anti depressants remained with me for a long long time. Today I am 36.

Even after around 20 years of using Clonazepam I was sober enough to not let my daily dosage go above one 0.5 mg tablet per day. Two years ago I accepted a challenging job which requires me to be at my best all the time. I have observed that using one 0.5 mg tablet takes me to about 50 percent of my working efficiency. If I take two I think that I am around 100%. I have lived well with one tablet and the fact that taking two might force me to take three or four or five in the future terrify me because I have kept the addiction in check.

My question is what should really be my choice here. 19 years with one tab; can I go for another 19 with two tablets? Or would i revert to three or four or five in the coming years. It is such a delicate option to exercise.

Should I accept a lower level of work efficiency or a higher dose of Clonazepam?

Anyone who had a similar choice to make? Any comments on this will be highly appreciated.
I think you are over thinking this. 2x .5mg daily is not very much. I used to be on 1mg 3x daily along with alprazolam at the same time, and I didn't consider that an "addiction".

If you find that you are getting too much of a tolerance to the drug your doctor might be able to switch you to something similar and then back again after a while, but again, 2x .5mg is not a lot.

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