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Pain & Anxiety
May 23, 2016
I signed up recently to this board to get other perspectives and hopefully find someone who is going through the same thing I am or similar at least. It will be a long explanation but bare with me! Anyone who takes the time to read this thread and help me out in any way possible I will be forever grateful :). I am 28 now but 4 years ago approx I just turned 24 I was sitting in front of my television thinking about some pretty stressful events that were going on around me. I was not passing university at the time, one young woman whom my family was close to so basically a family friend was dying from urinal cancer and this young guy who was two years younger than me was diagnosed with a brain tumour Metastatic. Having that in my thoughts I was freaking out inside and also I have to add at the time I started a new relationship which was stressful too. Anyway as I was watching t.v. my vision suddenly changed as if it was hard dot focus and everything seemed at a distance and my head was killing. Like a band squeezing. I got so scared I was bawling couldn't sleep and it felt like I began to get confused and forgot little things. I went to fam doctor ordered me an mir and of course it came back clear. BUT, I was prescribed medication that I took a few times and it never took my poor vision away. I also saw an ophthalmologist and told me my vision was perfectly fine. As time went on I began twitching all over my body and waking up with a full chest which eventually turned into muscle tension, pain and weakness. Also, tenderness. Things like holding up my purse or or shampooing my hair made my arms feel like I had been lighten wieghts for an hour at the gym. I have also been complaining of exhaustion. Constant exhaustion even with sleep. Anyway, my vision I realized after some time was not blurry exactly but it was double vision. I got another mri, 3 years later :O and still came back normal. I am terrified and convinced that there is an underlying neurological problem like ms, or fibromyalgia which I got checked for ms and nothing. Is there anyone who can help me out on this /? Maybe you've gone through something similar. Whats sad is nobody understands the challenge I go through day in and day out. I do have Anxiety and I am not denying this but I'm scared what if there is more? I've read about a million neurological disorders and feel so much of the symptoms. I am scared for my life and don't know what to do at this point. What's sad is I was only 24 when this began and my relationships have been difficult due to all of this. I am literally in pain everyday and the vision has changed permanently. :(. Im scared to even drive. My neck/spine hurt and muscles of the back are sore. I mean can anxiety really cause all of this for the long term? Please any feedback would be appreciated. Thank you!

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