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Hi Tootsie-

You know it seems like this same topic (anxiety manifesting itself physically) appears in the OCD and depression boards a lot too, and anxiety and depression can absolutely manifest themselves physically.

For everyone here the physical symptoms (you neglected to mention yours in your post) can be different. For some it's just a stomach ache and for others there can be a variety of symptoms. The only true way to tell for sure if your anxiety is causing physical symptoms is to first be checked by your primary care physician. If you're given a clean bill of health then you know that your anxiety is manifesting itself psychically. For me my physical symptoms of anxiety and depression are: slight headache (feels like a vice), slight ringing in the ears, chest tightness, blurred vision.

Sometimes my symptoms will last from a few seconds to a few minutes. At any rate get yourself checked out by your PCP first and foremost to rule out any actual physical issues, that way you'll have a place to start.

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