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Re: Paxil
Aug 15, 2016
Are you switching from one anti-depressant to another? If so, you should taper down on one while you taper up on Paxil.

If you are just starting, you can ask for Ativan or Valium in the meantime. But be cautious and sparing in how you take any benzo (drug for anxiety). Your body will become dependent in a short time. So you have to taper off that as you become more comfortable on Paxil.

I know it seems cruel and slow how long it takes for anti-depressants to work. But it will work in time. It might take 4-8 weeks, but I would think in 2-3 you should be feeling a little bit better, on and off. If you are, that's a sign, it's working.

My daughter (19) just started Paxil after a bad about of anxiety and OCD. She had been on other SSRI's (Celexa and Zoloft) with no real relief. It is now week 5 and she is finally feeling better. She felt some relief weeks 2 and 3, but I feel she is steadily better now.

In my opinion, Paxil gets a bad rap. Yes, it is hard to get off, but ALL anti-depressants are hard to get off. Period. It is an older drug, but for some people, it works when all else does not.

One final thought, be patient, and as long as you don't feel worse (in which case call your doctor pronto), it may well end up working for you. Too many people quit a drug weeks 2 or 3 because they don't feel better enough. You can't really know that early. And too many increase dosage too early because they want to feel better fast. But the least possible dose that works is best.

God bless and best of luck. Something will work eventually. Don't despair. It's just a matter of finding the right med at the right dosage.

I am not a doctor, but a veteran of depression/anxiety/OCD. I also think you should be seeing a therapist at least once a week to find coping strategies through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Meds alone can't do everything.

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