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Im a 20 years old girl that have had anxiety for about 7 weeks now.
It started when I were on a plane and felt like I couldnt breathe. After landing I still couldn't relax. The panic was over but I stressed and took deep breaths all the time.
I was on vacation for two weeks and stressed about this most of the time but thought I would get better after the flight home.
I landed at home and it didnt stop. We went to the doctor and was told I had anxiety.

The situation now is that I breathe manually all the time and stress about it. I can not act notmal and all I think about and talk about is my problem. My main problem is that I think I need to breathe manually the rest of my life and feeling of sometimes not getting enough air and get panic. I have gone to a psychologist 3 times now, started last week. He told me that he could almost guarantee I would be anxitey free by this year.
Did he just say that to calm me or does he actually believe it?

But here Im thinking how? I cant stop thinking about it and also many people live with it for years, that will probably be me. And also I cant live with this anymore, 5 weeks is too much, I can defnitely not handle it for years!!! I dont eat well, I stay up all night, Im afraid to do almost everything etc. Im also afrai of trying medications so I want to overcome this without it.

I have also never read about someone that has the anxitey of ''breathing manually the rest of their life'' and gotten rid of it.
Its always other things.... So if someone had this problem before and got rid of it I would like to know.

Btw. I know it is not dangerous and only uncomfortable, but its so uncomfotbale that its destroying my life.

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