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hello my name is frank. I'm 23. i am new to this site. last year i started having chest pains and slight discomfort in my neck. i went to the er and urgent care and was told i have anxieity and that is what was causing my chest and neck discomfort. plus I'm a slight hypochondriac. since then my anxiety went down to minimal on its own. now i quit smoking going on a month ago. and at first i felt slight anxieity but it was bearable. I've always have had a bad stomach and went to my GI. and she said i have IBS and i should take fiber and probiotics and watch what i eat. witch i did and this was about 4 months ago. so last week i was going to the bathroom and there was a lot of blood so i went to the er and had a ct. scan of my abdomen. it turns out my colon is slightly inflamed and i have minor colitis. they prescribed me the antibiotic cipro and flagyl to make sure i don't get c.diff or something. i went back to my GI and she said it could be ulcerative colitis or crohns but felt it might just been regular colitis that can go away. so she scheduled a colonoscopy for Monday. since then I've been extremely anxious and depressed even when i wasn't thinking about everything that going on. now i finished my antibiotics. and I've been having on and off chest pains on my left side. i also have an incomplete rbbb. and my doc said its common and not to worry about it. so i went back to my doc. and he checked me out and said its probably my anxiety causing the discomfort in my chest. and prescribed buspar 5mg. when i took that it first gave me a feeling like i was a zombie almost like i was to calm. then the second time i had a stabbing headache. so i decided to not take the buspar. and my doc said he doesn't want to prescribe me a benzo like Xanax or something to calm me down because most people my age abuse it. I've still been having the chest pain on and off. also before i quit smoking i almost never had chest pains except for last year. they also gave me a chest X-ray last year. and I'm blaming it on anxiety and that i quit smoking. but is been unbearable. i looked up chest pain and quitting smoking and many people have had this and either say its withdrawals or anxiety or my lungs are healing themselves. and every time i feel the pain in my chest i think the worst. also i looked up side effects of cipro and flagyl and it said increased anxiety and depression. and now I'm in like a fog. i feel like I'm high on something but I'm completely sober. and i need some closure and piece of mind to help me calm down. i feel like I'm loosing it. and i don't know what to do. and i found this website. so i hope some of you can give me some closure. because I'm scared and i keep feeling like I'm going to die and i think its all from my anxiety but i can't get it under control.

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