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Hi Jen - I can't believe someone is finally posting about something similar to what I have experienced and am still experiencing but it's not as bad. Starting in March, I started getting neuro issues. Not pain, but extremely uncomfortable, like my skin was tingling, flushed easily - like you my left side was worse, from my arm down to my leg I had weakness. Heartburn was crazy out of control too. My back was bothering me also so between the primary, the orthopedist and eventually the neurologist I went to, I had full blood work up like you did, 3 MRI's for my back and spine, and 1 xray. I also developed restless leg syndrom and my anxiety was thru the roof. The only relief I felt was at nighttime because I was able to sleep well at least, and if I drank alcohol. I was seeing my primary and neuro at the same time: the neuro was completely perplexed and wanted me to do an EMG test, while my primary suggested something for my anxiety and stress. I've been on Zoloft now for a few months and the neuro issues have definitely gotten much better. I have days now where I don't experience them. I wasn't able to wear a bra for months because the sensation on my skin was so uncomfortable and finally can. I do find that it kicks in though especially around my period. I still have no idea what it is, what initially cause it but can tell you that stress and anxiety definitely made the symptoms 150% times worse and now that I have my anxiety and stress under control, it has gotten so much better. Not sure if this helped at all - but wanted to let you know I get it! :)

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