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I am a 25 year old guy and have had anxiety since about 17. I was kind of a worrier as a child but within normal limits. Aged 17 things dramatically escalated. I started to believe that bad things were going to happen to me and other people. Basically that they and myself would die. I've managed to live with this since then but only just. I went to see my GP back then and got started on fluoxitine and I have been on and off them since. I don't find them particularly effective and have tried all the alternatives with no success. I have tried CBT which wasn't really helpful perhaps the woman didn't do it right because it was basically just talking. I also tried hypnotherapy which worked for about four weeks and subsequent sessions now have no effect.

I have now developed a kind of OCD thing which I feel I must do things in order for everyone and myself to stay safe. Silly things like making sure I put a plastic bottle in the recycling. I have developed behaviours like not making eye contact with newspaper/magazine isle at the shop in case I read something like a story that I may percieve as dangerous. I don't watch the news for the same reason and won't go into a room where the news is playing on the telly. I'm only 25 and I don't want this ruining my life any more. I just want to be normal and enjoy life. I feel my best years have been destroyed by this condition.

There must be a better way of dealing with this I hope. Please please give me any advice or tips or support if you have any. I can't talk to my family about this and my friends wouldn't understand. I really need someone to talk to.

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