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Hi Everyone, I'm new to this board so please bare with me. To give you a little background, I was diagnosed with GAD and Panic Disorder when I was 27. Tried therapy, exercise, eating right and nothing helped. Then decide to try medication as I could not take it anymore. Paxil was awful, celebrated didn't do much but was only on it for 2 weeks so I probably didn't give it the time it needed. Zoloft was the absolute worst experience I ever had with medication. I had rapid thinking and felt like a cloud was above me following me everywhere and then the depression came and I stopped right away. So finally started Effexor, and it saved my life.

Fast forward to now, I am 43 and my anxiety has never been so bad. Effexor is obviously not working anymore, so doc is switching me to Lexapro and I am terrified. I'm so scared of starting a new medication. I have Ativan to take prn, but I'm still scared. I took my 1st dose of Lexapro 2 hours ago and I hope it helps me and doesn't give me a bad experience. I forgot to mention that I have started therapy again. I feel like I'm doing everything I should be doing. I've heard a lot of good things about Lexapro for Anxiety so I'm trying to stay positive. I have to get better .. I have a son who suffers from bi-polar with psychotic episodes. I need to have myself together and not be falling apart. He needs me.

Any advice that you can offer, I would greatly appreciate it ...

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