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Everytime, about 20mins-1hr before I go out to a social event, I often feel very sick and have to sit down for a bit. A very sick feeling in my stomach, almost butterflies, occurs and I end up sitting on the toilet for a decent period having bowel movements. I'm not sure if this is anxiety related, I'm making an assumption.

Whenever I go out and get these symptoms, I am not going out to unfamiliar places. I'm not scared of speaking to people but it's every single time just before I go out.

Can anyone suggest some help?
I didn't understand you well, do you suffer from anxiety in general or you just have these symptoms when you're going on social events? If you do suffer from anxiety, I would recommend visiting a doctor, but if you don't have problems other then above mentioned, you can try out some natural supplements, like GABA, for example. It should help you sleep better, make you feel less moody and decrease anxiety. Or, if it's just stomach issues, there are medications for nervous stomach as well. I recommend you google it or ask a pharmacist what are your options. And, if you don't want to use medication, you can try some teas that might help your stomach relax, like ginger or peppermint.

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