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I hope someone on here has some information on this. Background- I have been taking fluoxetine 40mg for nine years. For GAD and Panic Disorder. I've been fine! And managing the anxiety well. Well three weeks ago I got a sinus infection and received a Zpack. For it. Since starting the Med my life has spiraled out of control. I woke up one morning to an intense panic attack. I had no quick acting meds since it's been so long since I suffered one. Since then it's been panic all day long as soon as I wake up! My dr said the Med COULD lower the efficiency of Prozac!! Went to psychiatrist today as I've been missing work and need to get some handle on this. He's not sure if the antibiotic caused it. He did give me klonopin as opposed to Ativan since it's longer lasting. And to take for a week and check back in before adjusting doses of Prozac or different Med. I also had an ekg to make sure no heart rhythm issues.

WHAT is happening? I feel helpless. The klonopin of course is helping but I've had to request to work from home the next few days. I'm fairly new to my job, three months, and freaking out over not wanting to get fired. Although, I don't think they will. My boss is a friend, and will put up a fight if it gets to that. Has anyone had this reaction to antibiotics and HOW long did it last? Did U need to go on new meds or switch meds to get thru it? I'm so upset, I feel like I'm starting all over with this battle... I cry cause I'm so upset I was doing amazing for NINE years.

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