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[QUOTE=Jmk92;5476338]Things have been very tough for my health wise and personally. The last couple of months I've been suffering with a completely new symptom to me , heart palpitations / racing heart / chest vibrations.[/QUOTE]

What health problems have you had? Perhaps there is a link between your health problems and your heart problems?

[QUOTE=Jmk92;5476338]Fast forward to now and I had a month without heart palpitations, now I woke up and my heart is pounding every morning , I can feel it in my chest constantly , it's vibrating , pounding , racing etc.[/QUOTE]

Quite a mystery. What caused your heart to become calm for about a month and then get tachycardic and erratic now!? You had a calm heart for a month. What changed? Diet? Allergies? Chemicals? Drugs? Clothes?

[QUOTE=Jmk92;5476338]My doctor said I have tachycardia and he just referred me to a cardiologist but said since the tests were all clear he believes it's my anxiety.[/QUOTE]

Your doctor has absolutely no clue why your heart is erratic. So... he blames your condition on you! If you would only relax and control your anxiety, you would not have health problems. I hope he didn't charge you for this stupid advice!

If you can't find, or afford, [U]competent[/U] heart specialists who can solve your erratic heart problems, you might have to be more proactive and investigative.

Have you been prescribed medications to relax your heart?

If you can't get your heart to fully calm down by taking meds, you might consider what things can cause a heart to misfire that you might be able to avoid. There are many things that can agitate, or over-excite, one's heart, causing the adrenal glands to pour out excessive adrenal hormones that can over-excite one's heart, causing palpitations, anxiety and even cause higher blood pressure.

Are you drinking more coffee, or chocolate, or tea or energy drinks?

Do you have allergies? Perhaps this is blooming season where you live?

Are you overweight? Are you on a healthy, low calorie, low carb diet? Eating more carbs then your body can comfortably handle can cause all kinds of uncomfortable symptoms.

Do you smoke, or are you around people who do smoke?

Do you live near a highway? (Exhaust fumes can cause all kinds of nasty health problems).

Have you recently been exposed to new chemicals or things with strong odors?

And, of course, there are many other things and factors.

Just some things to think about...

Regards and best wishes, Bob

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