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I'm really struggling with anxiety And certain symptoms I get which I am trying to work out what they are.
I think i have always had anxiety. If it was a certain worrisome or nervous issue I would get the stomach churning feeling and trembling but I just never knew it was called anxiety! Since having my daughter 3 years ago things seem to have gone worse. Basically, I had stress and anxiety during pregnancy as I had miscarried a baby prior to getting pregnant with my daughter, so I worried quite a lot of the time with her. Towards the end I had strange symptoms where I would get tingling in my face and pressure headaches. I had high blood pressure due to stress and then got white coat syndrome. She was born with a condition where her ear didn't form so I worried relentlessly about that and conditions associated. She is a healthy, happy 3 year old and you wouldn't think she has any hearing issues! Around 6 months after her birth I got bad heartburn that wouldn't go. It would feel like my food was fermenting at night and I would get breathless and feel acidic all over my body. I am a terrible google searcher and I worked out I may have silent relflux, which I think I have had for over 20 years. So I panicked then about cancer etc. I've had scans, endoscopy and bloods and all is fine. The heartburn eventually settled but I do still get it now and again and am always congested through silent reflux. I don't like taking meds I should add.
Anyway, I am a single mum to my daughter. She is a very challenging strong willed child so that comes with stress as well as juggling a home, finances etc. I do feel massively overwhelmed at times. She constantly wants my attention and I get very irritated. She sees her dad weekly so I do get a little me time but I am really struggling with health anxiety at the moment. I still have problems with foods I eat and how they affect me. I'm so sensitive and I eat vegan now but sometimes I could feel that bubbling of gasses and get the feeling of congestion and breathlessness, which is when I know it's silent reflux. I get constant aches and pains in my body. I have a pain I get under my left rib that goes into my back. Again I've googled all sorts on this! Nothing cane back untoward on my tests. I've concluded it could just be gas build up! I wake every morning feeling rubbish. I don't sleep great as my girl sleeps with me. Trying to get her to sleep in her own bed! I'm always so tired. I've been getting headaches lately which feel sinussy but I got anxiety it could be something sinister.

I had a massage and the masseur mentioned a mole so I had terrible anxiety over that and when I saw the gp she referred me to counselling. So I will be getting counselling for the anxiety but can anyone help with symptoms please as that really panics me. It's usually worse at night. I get a feeling like I can't breath properly, tingly, stinging feeling in my face, heart feels like it's pumping in my stomach, pumping sound in my ears and I get really cold and tremble. I had bloods as I thought maybe thyroid but it's all ok! Can these also be anxiety symptoms? Can you get them when you don't feel particularly anxious? Is my body so highly sensitive to things from being in the flight or fight response for so long? I don't feel depressed as such but I also feel tearful quite a lot. Can that also be a sign? Hope someone can shed some light as I don't have anyone to talk to about this.
Thank you

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