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Hi I suffer with severe anxiety and fear and have been diagnosed with Somataform disorder. I am severely debilitated because of the drowsiness drunkenness fullness in my head. Everything is getting worse. I only want to sleep because of this horrific constant drunkenness. Nothing is taking it away and medically they can't find anything that may be causing my dreadful fullness in my head. Cant focus or concrete or organise anything because I'm stumbling and staggering and my head hurts.

Its like a constant flu and pressure in my head. I'm thinking its something underlying besides anxiety and depression and think whatever that is is causing more anxiety and low mood. I cant take anything in either. I'm severely drowsy not with it. I feel really physically very ill and my psychiatrist says Somataform disorder can do that, but my brain MRIs say stable and no progression but I don't know what it is that's not progressing. My last Mri listed infective as a possible cause along with ischemia, inflammation so I asked my neurologist what infective means and he said just because something is listed doesn't necessarily mean that a person has a particular disease.

I'm very confused and frustrated because he did say I am critically ill and he knows I am really very unwell but he too says my symptoms are more likely from a somataform disorder and that he wouldn't recommend biopsy in my case, I having asked for it to see if it would shed more light.

I'm utterly destroyed from this awful woozy drunkenness every single day and its like I'm so far away from everything, everybody and don't know whether I'm coming or going. I struggle every day to keep my eyes open its so bad the drowsiness.

Do any of you experience this in your head. I'm really scared of it because I have no life because of it. It's just very very odd all of it and I'm getting no relief.

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