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Anxiety vs OCD?
Jan 28, 2019
Is irrational fear a symptom of OCD or is it just bad anxiety? I have this issue where I will get fixated on a problem. For instance, say I read that there have been three murders in my neighborhood, I will suddenly get very anxious and will be afraid to go outside. I will get on the internet and try to find any information I can to help me feel safer and reassure me that I'm ok, like that the murderer has been captured, or that he/she only targeted gangs, blondes, etc. Sometimes I will worry every time I hear a creak in the house that that person may be trying to break in and my heart beats hard and i get panicked. At first I thought this was normal because there was something real I was afraid of, but it seems no one else in my family has the issue where they worry all the time and are constantly looking things up about the issue online. The biggest problem is I feel like this the great majority of the time. Once I realize I know longer have to worry about this issue, my mind seems to move on to another issue to worry about and then I spend more time on the internet trying to reassure myself that I'm ok with that. It's hard to live this way. I figure this can't be normal. I'm just wondering if this could be an OCD symptom and if any of you have experienced it or if it's probably just anxiety. I'm not asking for a diagnosis. I'm just wondering about this particular symptom.

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