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Re: Anxiety vs OCD?
Jan 29, 2019
Dear JLS,

I don't think anyone can know exactly what is behind what you feel and do. It would not be more than a guess.

I can share with you that I used to always worry over what everything meant and what other people thought. It took me a lot of years to realize that no one knows what everything means, and more than what we think, it matters what we choose to do.

What we can [U]choose[/U] to do is [U]relax[/U]. We can choose to breathe slowly instead of holding our breath. Holding our breath makes the heart pound and deprives us of oxygen so of course the body feels panic. Relaxing gets oxygen to the brain so we can think clearly and then relax. It is a [U]choice[/U] that we can make.

Breathe and think or hold our breath and not get enough oxygen. That is your choice.
You choose. Does that make sense?

Maybe you suffer anxiety. But, isn't OCD still just anxiety?
It is what we tell ourselves about things that creates what we feel.

It is OK to start telling yourself the truth that even when the floor creaks, you are alive, you can breathe and you are safe; then you will feel OK.

I think worrying feels normal to you because you have not yet changed your mind about it.

Let me assure you that you seem very intelligent, which to me means that you can change your mind and change what you choose to dwell on. Your mind is your own to control. You can make your own choices.

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