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So I have a friend who is on Lexapro, Celexa, and Xanax. Last April (2018) or so she quit taking her Lexapro because she didnt feel like it was helping her with her depression (she has both depression and anxiety). Around March of last year her long distance boyfriend had to fly back home, and right now things are not going good between them and wernt either when he left. It also doesn't help that she doesn't have the best job right now. For whatever reason since then (after he left due to a dispute between her parents and him stemming from one tramatic incident him + them fighting a lot) shes been having the following symptoms: Dizziness, Straining/pain between her eyes, Blurry vision, Brain Fog, Restlessness, and tension in the back of her head that radiates.

Ive tried to tell her that it all stems from being under extreme mental stress + anxiety that isnt being controlled properly. She also admitted to me last night that she just started taking her Celexa again after not taking it for a few weeks in January of this year (she did a few alcoholic beverages on NYE) and told me this morning that shes felt progressivly worse since Friday and that her vision is too blurry for her to drive/focus but when she lies down she feels better. She also told me her lips have been super dry (which is a classic sign of dehydration) and she hasn't been drinking much water arpt all minus sugar water (which is flavored water and not the best thing for you). Shes going to see her neurologist again soon, but IMHO it should be her psychiatrist first. She also has a history of migraines, but all of her friends, myself, and her sister who is an RN have all told her its more than likely a combo of mental stress + anxiety, but, could her having just cold turkey quit her Lexapro + skipping doses of her Celexa cause these symptoms as well?.

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