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Nov 25, 2003
Hi everyone....I just went to see a doctor for the first time for my panic attacks yesterday. She prescribed 20mg a day of Celexa (antidepressant/antianxiety/mood stablizer). I have been afraid to go to my college class for the past few weeks, and i had to go this morning. Well, I took a celexa last night, one this morning, and then took 1.5 pills of a generic Xanax (.25mg a pill i think). One just hadn't done anything for me and I still freaked out on only one, so i decided to up it just a bit since i didn't think the celexa would have any affect on me yet. So, off to drive to class I go this morning (i commute to 45mins away) confident my new drugs will help, but as soon as i hit the highway i felt overwhelmed by a sense of faintness, which then subsided. I still was unable to go to class, and instead had ot go to a "safe zone" near my school. Also, tonite I have had two glasses of i do pretty much every night as im relaxing..and I feel completely lit! My doctor told me that in the beginning of the celexa, i would feel like i was on medication. So my question is i this normal for just starting a new drug like this? is it a combo with the xanax which should have worn off by now....(its now 10pm, i took the 1.5 pills at around 930AM). Or is it the alcohol.....what is the effect of mixing alcohol with these types of drugs? I did not have that much to drink at all, and i feel totally drugged now. Is feeling your medication this much normal in the beginning? I am concerned because i have to say, drinking is something i do often being in my early twenties, and i want to know how it will mix for when i go to the bar and drive home afterward, i dont want one beer to make me unable to drive! will it subside once im on it awhile? im nervous about this and hope it will work. sorry for all the questions...thanks
Re: Woah--celexa?
Nov 25, 2003
First of all I take both Celexa and Xanax. Celexa usually is taken only once a day in the morning. As far a xanax, 0.25mg can knock you on your butt if you have never taken it before and both take a while to get adjusted too. Don't up your drugs at any time because you think they are not working for you at the time. They may not have taken effect yet, as you saw. You need to have someone drive you where ever you are going if you can't take a few days off during for this. Expect some strange feelings while your body adjusts to the meds and if it is not tolerable, let your doctor know. The xanax will work for the attacks, but the Celexa may or may not be the drug for you. You have to give it a try and see how you do. As far as drinking with the meds., and feeling drugged. I'm sorry that you are so young and like to go to the bar and I wish I could tell you something you want to hear but: Drinking with meds does not mix. I don't care what anyone tells you or trys to defend it. When you drink with drugs, especially the xanax, you are abusing it and the out come is a risk to your health. If you drive it is worse because then you are a risk to innocent lives. If you can't give up the drinking, at least give it up until you get a handle on the meds themselves. Then go out with a designated driver. The effect can be different everytime you drink the same amount and could be dangerous to your health. I feel sorry for your situiation, I was young once too and liked to go to bars and such, but you are asking questions you already know the answer to. Legal or illegal, drinking and drugs don't mix. Good luck

Sickman :)

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