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Wow! Someone has almost exactly the same symptoms as me. I have been sick for a year, constant post nasal drip, sinus problems, headaches and earaches.

For the past 4 days this has been taken to a new level. I have been so sick that I have considered going to the ER because I have felt so bad.

I pulled my back and arm muscle working out a couple of weeks ago and although I stopped working out, it is still extremely painful. The pain has been making me nauseous. I have been feeling light headed and dizzy. I also have pain on the right side below my ribs.

I too have been experiencing tingling or numbness. It is mostly on the right side of my face along with pressure and pain. Sometimes my right hand and arm feels numb. I also have been weak and tired where I need to lay down. The waves of nausea are making me crazy (I hate that feeling!) I have been very pale lately too. Oh and today I felt the pulsating in my abdomen. It was freaky, kinda like a pulse in my stomach that was racing really fast. I could actually see my stomach moving. This is a new experience. :eek:

No fever, so this is not the flu but I am under a great deal of stress at work. So since I have been home for the 4 day weekend, I feel better because I have been laying down and doing nothing for 3 days. I fear that when I go back to work on Monday, it will start all over again.

Could stress really make a person feel this sick????? I have ben taking antibiotics for 7 days since I thought it may be an ear infection or sinus infection. Maybe the antibiotics are helping. I don't know what to think or what to do really. I have an appointment with an ENT next week to discuss the post nasal drip, ear aches and the numbness in my face and I would like a CBC done to make sure I am not anemic or my wbc count is high.

I fear going back to my stressful work environment is going to once again reek havoc on my body.

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