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New to the boards. I dont know how to start, but here it goes. I just turned 26 in september.. So maybe it changes but un sure.. It started wit a fever sore on my lip, but i have always got them ever since i was a child.. This time it happen around my birthday and i just got real sick. Had the runs feeling like i was running a fever, but wasent. Haveing sweaty hands and for some strange reason my penis head has bin cold. Exsesive saliva to... I have no idea, but it is really bothering me and im getting worried. I went to the doctor ran some blood test everything came back negative. I was have a burning feeling in my chest for about 6 months. I finally had that check out with a scope. Found out i had ulcers, but after about 3 months of being on nexium they all healed. Still after the ulcers healed i am still having the sweaty hands,I get this gurgle feeling in my throat that make allot of noise, feeling hot but no fever, exsesive saliva, ears getting hot and my penis head feeling cold.. I have no clue i am thinking about going to the doctors again for more tests. I dont no if its from getting older and my body changing. Might be from my nurves being shot cause im getting married in 4 months. I no this might make no sense @ all, but this is whats happing. Please if any 1 has ever had some sort of symptons please reply and tell me what you had or have.. I dont no if im sick or it just in my head....

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