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Thanks, Graciecat. This post is for everyone, not just Billy. I'm looking for anyone to reply. Thanks for replying to me.

Yeah, I know I need to be careful with weaning off, and I was trying to do it so slowly. But I might not be ready yet.

It's funny, but when these anxiety symptoms started again (chattering teeth, hot and cold feelings, catastrophic thinking, shortness of breath, tightening in chest, etc.), I originally was not even on any medication! I had been off of all meds for about six months. Outside circumstances triggered it! Strange, because I had had stressful outside circumstances for the past two years, yet I never had such an extreme physical manifestation of anxiety until a couple of months ago (but I think a couple of months ago it was the worst of the stress)-perhaps it all accumulated and the last two months' events just "put me over the edge"? Strange that I did not feel this way in school. Perhaps I knew I could *not* feel that way, or else I would not graduate. Anyway, now because it's the real world and I have to find a job and support myself in the real world, is probably still continuing this stressful cycle. and when I don't take the Klonopin, the original anxiety symptoms return. Perhaps the Effexor has not started working yet. It has not even been two weeks yet, almost two weeks. I would like to take Effexor by itself without the Klonopin, and just take Ambien *occasionally* to sleep; I know Ambien is another addictive one to be careful of.

Thank you for reminding me about being careful weaning off meds. It can really be tortuous.

I do wonder, though, if these physical symptoms can interfere with cognitive behavioral therapy. I just read that before I try it, I should try to physically relax myself first with progressive muscle relaxation, abdominal breathing and meditation. I'll try to do that before working on the thoughts thing.

It's a long road; even though I feel terrible that someof you are suffering too, it's nice to know I have people that are with me, that I am not alone on this road. We are all so brave.

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