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[COLOR=DarkGreen]Hi forrester,

Wow, you're doing really well, and committed too!

The process of writing the irrational thoughts down is to bring it to the CONSCIOUS level, not leaving it at the subconscious (which is automatic without directly thinking about them).

It's like when talking to a person and you're telling a lie or fib or don't believe fully what you're saying. You will more than likely touch your nose or scratch it at the same time or just afterward. The knowing of telling a lie produces the physical symptoms (in the nose by increasing the blood supply there) so therefore you scratch it.

Another example is sticking out your tongue while doing a difficult task. Called tongue-wagging, and we do it to basically "show" we are focussing on it and to leave us alone. The farther out the tongue, the more the concentration and the more people will not offer to help. Many people don't even realise what they do with their bodies when they are on task or in a discussion. It's a way of lessening the stress they're feeling.

Later, when the irrational thoughts are recognised (become conscious) when they happen, you will be able to intervene so that the anxiety doesn't kick in. Soon, the rational thoughts will become more automatic and while that is happening, the anxiety will almost disappear.

Remember, it's normal to have a certain level of's what keeps us going and motivated, but too much blocks that flow.

This process is like the accupuncturist's needles.....fixing the flow if information going into the brain.

I would suggest trial and error. You're motivated, but don't overdo so that you will become overwhelmed from the process.

You're on your way, that's for sure. Isn't it amazing what we say to ourselves...and worse? we believe it!

Best to you,
P.S. what is the difference between Effexor and Effexor XR? And how come the psychiatrist didn't offer me Effexor XR if it is a separate thing? I assume XR means extended release. Is regular Effexor, what I am on, extended release? I'm just confused as to what makes someone prescribe a regular drug as to an XR drug.

So anyway, I'm on Effexor, it has now been over 2 weeks, and I can't tell any difference. I still have anxiety, which I subdue by taking Klonopin, but not that much, probably about .25 mg a day. I don't want to take the Klonopin! I want the Effexor to work soon! I have heard bad things about benzos. I was on Ativan for 3 months in 97 and I don't want to take benzos anymore, way too dependence forming.

So thanks for asking how I'm doing on the Effexor-you're on it too, huh?

This is a long road, huh? Yes it is amazing the thoughts we tell ourselves and even more amazing that we believe them. Thank God for the Internet. what did we do before then? I don't even want to think about it. Too many lonely nights. Sure it's still lonely but at least we can post on the Web to each other. Thanks again. Hope you are continuing to feel better and that your anxiety continues to reduce.
[QUOTE=Forrester]Thanks Michael, does it help cure lifelong depresssion and anxiety? I wouldn't mind if it's too long if you wouldn't mind posting a sample session here. thanks a lot. having a bad day so anything could help[/QUOTE]

Sorry I wasn't able to check in on the board last night when you were having a bad time and could have used some support. Not that I think I'm very good at knowing what to say when someone is feeling down but I hope you are doing better today.

Yes, there are cases of EFT working with lifelong depression and anxiety. My experience with EFT isn't with using it for depression but rather with nail biting and food cravings and I know there was some anxiety behind those. I checked the archives of [COLOR=Red][removed][/COLOR] and one of the postings was titled "30+ years of depression gone in 2 minutes". It tells of a lady who had a strong feeling of worthlessness for over 30 years. Using EFT she got relief right away - said she felt a veil was lifted and felt a deep sense of peace.

Not all cases of depression/anxiety will clear that quickly. Gary Craig the developer of EFT who as seen hundreds of cases of depression/anxiety breaks them into 3 categories:

1. Depression that simply disappears with a few minutes of tapping.
2. Depression that appears to be caused by numerous unresolved emotional issues such as guilt, shame, fear, anger and the like. This type usually requires skilled application by an EFT'er that is able to locate and relieve the core emotional issues.
3. Depression that appears to be caused by some type of substance sensitivity or allergic reaction. On several occasions, he has seen the removal of the offending substance(s) result in the cessation of the symptoms.

Note: Gary Craig is not a doctor and has no medical training. He calls himself a performance coach rather than a therapist. But he works with thousands of clients and has an incredible success rate so I accept that he knows what he is doing and what he is talking about.

When I get home from work tonight I will write up a sample EFT session. I'll probably make two postings - one that describes the process, noting the type of statements one says and where you tap on your body; and one that will be a mock transcript of typical EFT session.

I'm not sure if I've described EFT in any detail yet. Let me just say it is based on the acupressure/acupuncture points on the body and you tap with your fingers on some of these points while focusing on your issue by saying an affirmation. Sounds unlikely to cure anything but you have to try it to find out just what it can do for you.

Several people I've taught it to noticed how relaxed it made them just tapping on these key points for a couple of minutes.

Got to go now but will be back later tonight.


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