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Can anyone relate? I had adrenalin surges (that's what I call them) every hour last night while trying to sleep, they woke me up every hour. I have been taking .25 mg or even less of Klonopin for a month and a half now before bed, and I did not take it before bed last night (I want to wean off of it, I thought it would be okay since it's such a small dose anyway), but apparently it wasn't okay. I already had it down to the tiniest piece, I can't cut the pill any more. trying to actually not take it is creating problems, and i have to sleep. I also have some Ambien that I could take. I dont take it that often.

More info: I just weaned off of ineffective Paxil and am beginning Effexor (have only been on it for two weeks, just increased the dosage a couple of days ago). Also, I'm starting a new temp job monday-maybe I'm nervous?

I usually only have GAD-gener. anx. disorder. What are these adrenalin surges? Could they be panic attacks? It was this dreadful "oh my gosh I forgot something" adrenalin surges that made me jump up and check the clock every hour and then at the end, every fifteen minutes.

Needless to say, I'm exhausted now, and don't feel like going out of the house, which is bad because I'm too isolated anyway.

Does anyone know what these sleep disturbances could be? I usually have insomnia but not every hour. THanks.

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