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I know all about lack of sleep and my eyes are red and I'm tired! I can usually get about 4-6 hours a night. Six hours isn't too bad really, but I might wake up a few times before it's finally time to get up. Some nights are worse than that. Insomnia! If I have a hard time getting back to sleep it's because I start thinking about something irritating and then I am so awake I might as well get up. I don't know if I classify mine as adrenaline surges, but you might as well call them that.

I have taken Clonazepam many times in the past and always went off it ok. Or maybe I should say without any major withdrawal symptoms. Of course getting too sleep and staying asleep is a little harder without it. Have you ever taken Benadryl (or a store brands equivalent)? Antihistimines make you sleepy, but here again they last about 4 hours. How about Melatonin? That's a natural sleep aid that your own body produces and you can buy the timed released pill too.

It sounds like your anxious about something, maybe work. Like someone else mentioned it can help if you were to excersise. Excercising can help relax your muscles. Unfortunately I'm not an excersise nut or perhaps I could benefit from that too. How long have you been on Klonopin? Did your doctor say it's time to go off it? If you can easily get it I would take it until perhaps you feel more comfortable on your new job. I was taking it for about 6 months at one time. But you know it's always better if you can do without.

Another med that helped me sleep good was Trazadone, but it did nothing for my depression. Then again I have tried about 24+ meds in that area. I have had no success with A.D.'s. But anxiety meds (Klonopin and others) have always helped and they work fast. Sorry I couldn't be of more help. Good luck with your zzz's. MV

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