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Yes, I did suffer from that.
I asked my Doctor about it and he said it's a very common thing amoung panic disorder sufferers.

I found relief going to a chiropractor and also my husband would rub my neck, shoulders and back, that helped a lot to.

I don't have the attacks anymore and I very rarely if ever get those tight muscles now.
[QUOTE=monkyfunky]I have [i]really[/i] stiff muscles in my shoulder and especially in my neck and face and the top of my head. I think this is due to my constant anxiety.

Does anyone else suffer from this? It's really quite bad and stretching doesn't seem to help.[/QUOTE]

I've also been getting really tight and painfull shoulder and neck muscles recently. The pain even radiates down the arm and up the neck into the skull area. It's Not very nice, I have to keep making myself stop hunching my shoulders when I sit at my desk.

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