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[COLOR=Teal]Hi fm,

It is one of the side effects of SSRI/SNRI meds. I'm on effexor xr, and the one thing that I noticed is that my "guilt" pretty much left (well, I feel guilty about not feeling guilty :confused:), and has been relplaced by apathy (unless I've just let them go). A break as far as I'm concerned.

But, you may also be feeling (and I feel it too) the middle ground without extreme highs and lows of emotion. I'm not talking manic depressive, tho., but anxiety/depression still has the extremes.

The middle ground where thinking can actually take place finds me loving the non-anxiety part, but leaves me wanting to wander toward the depression. But, I'd never trade where I am now for where I was. It's a challenge learning to live in the state of mind I'm in now -- the middle more level state.

Just food for thought....nostalgic and emotional usually leaves us thinking and longing for the past. If anxiety is fear of the future, and we can't accept the present, where else would we look to? Can't have anxiety about something that's happened because we know the outcome. Guilt about not doing something..yes, but anxiety, NO!

Keep up with the journey you're on, dealing with your thoughts, emotions, reactions, perspectives, behaviours...

Ever see the program clean sweep. People get so possessive of things, they keep them, hang on to them, can't let them go :eek: -- so someone comes in and helps them with the process of purging. Well, it's a clean sweep of our thinking/behaviour patterns. It gets organised to make sense, and the stuff we don't need anymore we get rid of.

You're "house cleaning" to make room for all the great stuff you'll be experiencing. And better yet, you'll have learned the lessons as to what to do with it....keep it for whatver purpose it can serve or let it go.

Seems like you're on a normal process of recovery from my perspective. :cool:

Best to you...

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