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[COLOR=Navy]Wow, I can't imagine chewing acrylic nails off...but it's amazing how strong anxiety based habits can be, and how hard they are to break.

Of course, I have no bad habits :nono: ....hahahahahahahahhahaaaaa!! Yeah, right...... :rolleyes:

Emotions and thoughts are definitely linked to it. Obviously, there is a reward from doing it, and it ain't purdy nails. It's relief from anxiety.

One way to break the cycle could be aversion therapy. The bitter nail stuff is aversion therapy. Another way would be to put an elastic band around your wrist, and each time you start to chew your nails, snap the elastic hard enough to feel it, but not too hard because you will be doing it a few times. Do it enough times, and eventually the cognitive (conscious thinking) should step in even before you take your first bite. Anything to avoid the painful snap of the elastic could work. Don't snap it on the inside of your wrist since it's very sensitive there and could bruise.

Replacing the behaviour with something that isn't as destructive to your hands could also work. Each time you get the urge to bite, go and do something with your hands.....go on the computer, pick up a pen and start to write something...go get a glass of water, put gum in your mouth, go to the bathroom, pick up a book or magazine, or a worry stone, something that will get your mind to say "stop, go do something else".

Eventually, the mindless chewing will become conscious where you will make your mind to stop the behaviour.

I just think of all the horrible things I would pick up from where ever my hands have been...and that's enough of an aversion for me. I also have geographic tongue, and if I happen to touch the side of my mouth and then lick that area, I get a lesion. I quickly learned to keep them out of my mouth. It has to be brought to the conscious level, then it can be dealt with.

I hope it works, something works for you.
Of course pain creates endorphins which relieves pain....don't snap the elastic too hard! ;)

You'll have long beautiful healthy nails soon.

Best to you,

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