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I have twitches all the time. I get them in my legs, arms, chest, etc. I don't want to use the word siezures becuase although they are called as such by many doctors they are more of muscle spasms. It is only natural to have these with panic attack, because your body goes into a defense with just the slightest of anxiety and causes the muscles to tighten up. The result is twitching and pains. This sort of thing will move all over your body and you should not worry about it. When I first got them in the chest, it excited me at first, then I calmed down and paid attention to them and could see that they were the muscles on the outside of the rib cage. Another problem people can cause themselves is when they have had chest pains, they tend to hold their hand over their chest. They don't realize that they are actually pushing in on their chest and in between the ribs in expectation of chest pains. This can cause the ribs to spread which can cause chest discomfort and muscle twitches, pains, etc. Again, not something to worry about, just something you can subconcoiusly do to yourself. Ignore the twiching, you don't have anything except fear of having something. Just say, there it goes again, twitch, twitch, twitch. Just when you finally except this, your mind will say, "Ah Hah, on to me again, got to change to a new symptom to get a response again". Your mind is just playing tricks on you. It can only effect you if you let it. You can't control the symptoms, but you can control the false fears of dying. Be as Strong as you can and get in control of your fears. Luck with this, you can do it. Chin up

Sickman :)

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