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[QUOTE=Mushroomie]Hello Everyone,
New to posting here but it seems this board get more responce then other ones. I was on Remeron March thru November of this year I was put on it for major anxiety and insomnia I went of the Remeron because I thought I was doing good, Was off the first week did really good no anxiety no insomnia. The Next week all hell broke loose major anxiety attacks and no sleep again talked to my Pdoc and he put me on Trazadone for sleep and Buspar for anxiety. Oh and my GP gave me Atavan so I took that for a few days to help with sleep and anxiety Well here I am today and I hardly slept and the anxiety is back again, so bad today had to take another Atavan. Well I finally got in again with my Pdoc and now he wants me to start taking the Remeron again for sleep and now he has me on Lexapro for anxiety just wonder if any on here has taken Remeron and Lexapro together and did it work for them????? Any input would be appreciated! Thanks[/QUOTE]

I agree with Hry... Go back on the remeron if it was working for you. I was on remeron when I learned the tools in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy(CBT) which eventually cured me of all my panic and anxiety and slowly got me off of all meds. CBT is all about using the tools to learn to think more clearly and accurately about things and once you do your panic, anxiety and depression will begin to lift before your eyes. My favorite starter book on CBT is "Been There, Done That? Do This! by Sam Obitz. You may also want to check out the mood gym site for further research on CBT. Exercise and relaxtion are helpful as well as Hry pointed out. Good luck!

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