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Hey has anyone had any experiences using 5-HTP ?? The Natural Seratonin Reuptake Inhabitor?

I've heard this works for some people... any suggestions? Thanks?

Also can some people please tell me, if 5-HTP affects heart rate?

Thanks a bunch.
I tried 5-HTP along time ago when I was searching for treatments for my Anxiety disorders. It didn't seem to do much or really anything for me to relieve my anxiety or my symptoms but I took it probably only for a week or so though so I can't be sure that it might not have worked if I continued taking it. Also, the dose I took was not very high. It's hard because I don't know if there is a recommended starting dose, and I also remember being worried about something I heard about it's effects on the heart. Not sure what it was though. There is so little scientific evidence or studies on natural remedies. I would speak to a doctor or someone who is open to using alternative remedies like 5-HTP. There was a book written that I bought that had a lot of information about it and it's uses. Here is a link to the author of the book and some more information about it [COLOR=Red][removed][/COLOR] Also, tbe book is called 5-HTP Natures Serotonin Solution and written by Ray Saehelian MD. I am pretty sure it does not work as a serotonin reuptake inhibitor, but rather that it is a precurosor to serotonin and may increase serotonin levels. There is some question to whether it crosses the blood brain barrier, and I'm not sure if it is really any safer than some of the prescription drugs available. It may very well be, and work well, but I'm not sure if anyone knows for sure yet. Unfortunatley it seems there isn't enough evidence to really know if it helps, or if it's safe. Something natural that I tried that had been studied a bit more was Inositol. I started taking it a few months before starting intensive therapy and stayed on it for 2 years. I ended up dramtically improving with all my Anxiety symptoms and being symptom free. Whether it was the Therapy or Inositol or a combination of both, I'll never know... but there have been some promising studies on inositol, if you are opposed to using any prescription medication. Still, I would recommended trying to find a psychologist or psychiatrist, or some type of expert on natural supplements to help you. Good luck, and if you have the time and can find a good therapist, than Cognitive Behavirol Therapy hsa been very benefically for many people.
Hey Ceedric, Rsspro18 is right...5htp is not a reuptake inhibitor but a precursor to seritonin and does increase the level of seritonin....L-tryptophan was once widely prescribed by docs to patients to help with anxiety and depression and as you might not know L-tryptophan converts to 5htp in the body and then to seritonin....there have been studies done on it you just need to research it on the net although it is still fairly new and hasnt had extensive research done yet...they're prob in the process of that.....they do say that it does work quicker than your prescription meds but you still would have to try it for a couple weeks to see if you notice any difference....I also heard it should be taken with tyrosine and amino acid...I think you can find a product out there that have both ingredients together....tyrosine is supposed to make it much more effective.....the side effects of 5htp dont come close to those of your prescription drugs and is easy to find the side effects on the net....I tried it for awhile and it seemed to have helped...I just ran out so Im waiting to see if I notice any difference having stopped taking them....we will see....

It is also true what Rsspro was saying about inositol...that is supposed to be efeective for anxiety and there have also been double blind studies done on it.....another thing you might wanna look into is [COLOR=Red][removed][/COLOR] and have a read on that might find some interesting things there....anyway good luck to you and take're def not alone. Fighter
A number of years ago I was told to take 5HTP and St. John's Wart for depression. I can't remember the dosage. The week I started it was the worse time of my life. I started having panic attacks, rapid cycles of depression and mania, suicidal thoughts. I called my friend to say good-bye. I was a mess. The following week I would cry at the drop of a hat. I was a mess for about 10days before I was able to get it out of my system.

I have since taken St. John's Wart without any problems therefore I assume it was the 5HTP. I don't know what's in it but I've never had an episode like that since.

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