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I signed up with one of the major gyms to work out, and reduce my anxiety since I don’t want to be on SSRI medications.

When I signed up, I also paid for a personal training.

A week later when I came in, to be introduced with my trainer, I brought my best friend, just for support since I get anxious easily, and she is 25, 5’11 125 pounds, and she is a hip hop dancer… I met my trainer, and we set up a date.

The next day when I went in… my trainer was very sweet, and he would look me in the eye, and smile a lot, and he gave me his phone number, while he was writing it… he would bump his leg next to mine.

The second day he asked me if the girl I came in was my mother, I said no… than he goes, was that your girlfriend, and I said no, just my best friend. Then he began to ask me if I had a girlfriend, and I said no... and then he asked me if he put his hand on my chest, and rubbed it, would I feel ok with that… and I said sure. Then he would look me in the eye and smile and glimpse away, and then look at me again.

Day third

My trainer is being very sweet once again, and he gave me 2 extra free sessions. I noticed that when I would work out specific muscle groups, he would look at my face, and not that specific muscle area I’m working on, and when I would catch him looking at me, he’d smile as I would blush.

He also on my third day, started to ask me what my plans were for the night, while he laid me on my back, and was holding my leg up, while I was doing my crunches. I noticed that he would put my feet right next to his crotch. When I was doing my crunches I have to touch my feet, I wanted to look away but if I did that… my feet were very close to his crotch, I could have ACCEIDENTLY touched it.

At that time I noticed my HEART RATE would go up, and my face started to get very hot.

Day Four

I came in, and I noticed that he was wearing the same shoes as mine, and he looked at my shoes… and said “We have the same shoes…” and I said “Yours are black, and mine are white” and he goes “I like yours better” Then he asked me, what kind of girls I like, and then he stated… “I don’t have much guy friends, more of female friends” and I said “Oh”

10 minutes later he asked me, what I thought about older men, and I said, well they get wrinkly, and impotent… and he said “the older the guy gets, the better looking he is… guys hit on me all the time you know, I don’t mind it” and that time… I was speechless!

I think my heart stopped, I was in such PANIC MODE!!!

When my session ended with him that day… And I was leaving, he came right from the behind, and softly grabbed my shoulder, and said “So when will I see you again”… and I said, well not tomorrow but… after tomorrow at 6PM… he said ok, and he rubbed his hand on my back… as I left.

The next day I brought my friend… to buy some protein supplements, and suddenly my trainer saw me, and he came up to me, and he wouldn’t walk away… he was around me the entire time. He started to ask me what I was doing the night, and I said nothing… and then I told him I have to go, cause my friend has to go some where with me. When I said that, he had a pencil in his hand, and he softly tapped his pencil on my arm… and smiled… and said “see you tomorrow”

Day 5…

He was very jumpy, very touchy… he was like IN THE MOOD… He would constantly ask me, what my plans were for the day, I kept saying nothing. He would smile… and become a little touchy. He started to bash on some female workers, and some of the management people, he didn’t get a long with.

I asked him if he had girl, he got quiet… like confused look, and like 30 seconds of silence, he said… well kind of!

I left that day, agitated…and high in stress! And he rubbed his hand on my shoulder, and told me to see him on Saturday, on his day off… so I could watch him work out!

Day 6….

I canceled my session; I have 2 more sessions to go with him!

This story might sound very DUMB… but it’s true… I am only 16… and he is 22.
I’m an attractive guy, I have a nice body… but I’m SOOOO confused about this entire situation.

I AM LIKE UNDER ANDRANALINE Shots when I’m with my trainer… I remember I was just standing next to him, and I haven’t started working out yet, and I took my heart rate… it was 150 beats per min.

After I leave… I begin to wonder, if his trying to get sexual… or he just doesn’t know how to communicate with people.

So much FOR EXERCISE to treat my anxiety, it’s been hell of ride.

SO what do you guys think? Is he hitting on me... or he just doesn’t know how to communicate?

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