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There is no easy way to find a good pdoc, unless you can get a recommendation from someone. I have had xanax & believe me, you don't want it, ask your doctor for Klonopin. It lasts longer & because of that does not leave you shakey or drop you to the pits when it wears off. If you have to be on something on a more regular basis, Klonopin is much better to take than xanax. They are in the same family (benzos). There are many other AD's that you could take other than Paxil or Zoloft if you are against them. All meds no matter what they are for, have some type of side effect, even meds we take for physical ailments. Most of what you describe for your symptoms is what all of us with depression/anxiety/panic etc. experience ( the over analyzing, the worrying, the obsessing, ringing in the ears. tingling, racing heart etc.) Do you have a family doctor? If so, ask his office to recommend a good pdoc for you. If you don't want to go to a pdoc, will your familyl doc prescribe for you? I am an hour south of Chicago & believe me, I only know of a few good pdocs in this area & I could not even get an appointment with one of them they are so booked up.

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